Previously On…Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 Episode 8 Live Recap!

Previously On Seeking Sister Wife, Jennifer was supposed to come to see the Alldredges in South Dakota but this did not go as planned. At the same time, Vanessa’s sisters came to visit her and the Snowden family in California while Bernie went on his first date with Brandy. You can catch up with it all right here and learn more about the families of the show by clicking this link.

Jennifer bailed last week because her appendix supposedly burst so her brother, Paul texted Jeff to let him know she was in the hospital. “Paul” apologized for seeming off but he said polygamy is new to him so he still does not know how to act though he did give a hospital name and floor number. The wives are skeptical but want to give Jennifer the benefit of the doubt though we all know the truth. In California, Vanessa’s twin sister, Adrienne and her half-sister, Amy are in town to get to know Dimitri, Ashley, and their children. While Amy is jealous of the lifestyle, Adrienne thinks Vanessa is making a huge mistake. Adrienne asks Ashley about the appeal of polygamy and she says she likes the idea of a tribe and a village as well as sisterhood but she retorts with the idea of jealousy. Vanessa’s sister also asks how Ashley would feel about Vanessa having children. Ashley says she would love it; the responsibility would be taken off of her as she is done after having three children. Onto Dimitri. How can he handle two women? He says he gives both women what they need and deserve but Adrienne is just concerned about her twin and does not want to see her get hurt, which is very understandable. Dimitri is just scared Adrienne will get too much into Vanessa’s head and cause her to leave.

As Bernie and Brandy were getting ready to leave for their date, he was alerted Paige was having a breakdown so he came back inside and tried to console her. She said she really did not want her husband anywhere near her because she did not want to see him happy with anyone else so she went to go privately speak with Brandy. Brandy tells Paige she can just stop what is going on, she does not want to hurt her, and can end it now. She is very conflicted but Paige keeps telling them to go on the date. Paige says she is cool with it all but behind closed doors, she is devastated. It is bringing out a lot of insecurities within her, thinking she is not good enough. Onto the Winder family and Colton, Tami, and Sophie are eating dinner while looking for a third wife via an online dating profile. They just got a hit from someone named Jay but she has very little info and few photos so they ask her to do a video chat. At this point, Sophie is in charge of the online doings so hopefully she knows what she is doing and has good taste. She picked Colton so it must be impeccable (sarcasm).

*Halfway through, we learned the McGees were arrested and it seems like it was for felony stalking. More details as we learn them.

Bernie takes Brandy to mini golf as he wanted to do something fun with her. Initially, he wanted to take her someplace romantic but then he just wanted to laugh with her and she says she feels giddy with him. He cannot believe he just met her in person the day before with how much fun they are having. He wanted to kiss her but promised Paige no “intimacies” so he refrains. They decide to go home and check on Paige, see how everything is going. Jeff is trying to contact Jennifer but is having no luck, shocker, so he calls the hospital and they say they have no one with that last name there. The ICU is also not on the floor her brother claimed it was on and Jeff is finally realizing he was being lied to. Maybe she did not want to stay in the darn tree house. Just an idea. Back at the McGee’s, Brandy and Bernie return at 1035pm from their date and it was clear he wanted to kiss her but did not. Bernie finally goes to see Paige to see how she is feeling post-date and asks how the date went. Paige does not really care to talk to Brandy because she does not want to see her happy. This is a bad situation.

Back in California, Ashley likes how many questions Adrienne is asking about polygamy because it shows her curiosity but she does not want her to sway Vanessa out of the lifestyle. She tells her sister it is not a lifestyle for her but she does really like Dimitri and Ashley so she apologizes to her twin. The Winders are at Tam’s home and they are getting a message, a potential third sister wife. She is willing to do a video chat but Sophie feels they should talk to Jay about the tv show first as it can affect someone’s life. They need to make sure she would be okay having the video chat filmed. Unfortunately, she is not too keen with being on camera despite wanting to get to know the family better. The producers talk to the family and they explain this is a big deal for Jay or anyone to put themselves out there before a commitment when it could damage their whole life. The Winders have to decide if they want to keep doing the show or pursue a relationship but are reminded of the name of the show.

It is Brandy’s last day with the McGee’s so Paige woke up early to make a special breakfast. She did not sleep well after Bernie went on a date with another woman. She is happy Brandy is leaving so she can process her feelings yet sad because she does really like Brandy. At breakfast, Brandy says she is sad to be leaving because she was happy to be there but she can tell Paige is still uncomfortable but she felt really comfortable being within the family. Even the McGee’s son, John said he felt great with Brandy and her daughter, Bre and would be fine if his dad wanted to keep courting. Brandy was scared to leave because she felt like she really belonged and Bernie claims he loved the feeling of family and everyone meshed really well and it does not matter that she does not want to have kids. Paige seemingly could not get Brandy out of the house fast enough but, in Bernie’s mind, he wants to keep seeing Brandy and make it official. This is too hard for Paige and she won’t tell her husband how she feels because she does not want to bring him down.

Next week, Dimitri and Vanessa get to be intimate while Paige reveals she does not want a sister wife and Jeff tells his wives Jennifer was lying. You can catch it all next Sunday at 10pm on TLC.

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