Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 2- The Morning After!

Previously On the season 11 premiere of RHONY, it was back to the Hamptons for all of the housewives where Bethenny dealt with the aftermath of Dennis’ death and Luann struggled to stay sober. We also met new friend-of-the-housewives, Barbara, which you can read all about right here.

It was considered a very lackluster premiere as this is the franchise to beat, next to RHONJ. Fans were eager to see what the second episode would bring to the table and it did not disappoint. Sonja and Tinsley arrived at Ramona’s Hamptons home for a long weekend after Dorinda had already been there for some time and had aired her grievances regarding former bestie, Luann. Sonja was shocked at what a great driver Tinsley was and was elated they got there in one piece. As a guest gift, Tinsley brought a bag filled with caviar which she made clear to Ramona they were cracking open over the weekend. Knowing Ramona, she would have hid it away then shared it with her friends back in the city and not shared it with her current guests. It was quite interesting that there were two cliques divided: the brunettes (Bethenny, Lu, and Barbara) versus the blondes (Tinsley, Ramona, Sonja, and Dorinda). The blondes were starting there time off right as Dorinda had brought mermaid costumes for everyone to wear and with Sonja’s new extensions, it suited her very well. They all waddled around to the pool, Ramona struggled down the stairs, and took photos together. It was so much fun but this fun was derailed when Sonja received a call from the brunettes.

The blondes were headed to a dinner at Topping Rose, the inn where Tinsley and Carole stayed last season when there was a rift between Bethenny and Carole and she didn’t really want to be around that energy. Sonja was scheduled to go to this dinner when the brunettes asked Sonja if she was joining them for dinner at a restaurant literally adjacent to Topping Rose. She said yes, which is kind of awkward since Ramona is her host. Furthermore, Barbara was having a clambake the following day and originally, Dorinda had been invited but, by the end of the evening, Dorinda had been disinvited, Ramona was not wanted there and the only two welcomed were Tinsley and Sonja. Luann explained seeing “Rameaner” would not be good for her sobriety and the same went for Dorinda. As per usual, it was time to eat. Sonja was dropped off at one restaurant while Tinsley, Ramona, and Dorinda went to dinner together. Dorinda is currently not drinking so she is seemingly in a better place or trying to be. Of course, it took Ramona .5 seconds to tell the ladies she needed 10 minutes to go take a lap around the bar. I can’t with her anymore. She needs to listen to Luann’s song “Girl Code.”

Over at the other dinner, Barbara and Sonja are the first to arrive and they talk about how both Lu and Dorinda are sober now but they also discuss what needs to be done to get the two of them back together. At the dinner, we learn Luann was making erratic decisions and it cultivated with her wanting to buy the home upstate but needing six million for it. She was going to everyone she knew to get the money but they would not give it to her and then Bethenny looked bad because she had the money but was not going to give it to Lu in a hazed and frazzled state. This was when Dennis came into the mix as he was in the business of lending people money. Finally, they did the intervention and took control of Lu’s decisions and she went away for three weeks. This has been her tribe to get her to safety but let’s be clear- she was only 50+ days in the clear when this was filmed. Because of what Barbara had seen, she openly said she had no problem disinviting Dorinda to the clambake because she cared about her friend.

At the other dinner, Ramona finally returned only to let the ladies know the men she hit on were gay and a couple. She shared a man she was seeing actually wanted to have children but she is in her sixties and she would not even want to have a 10-year-old at 50. This struck Tinsley because she is 43 and is still hopeful she will be a mom sometime soon and I am hopeful for her. Ramona also struggles with Tinsley when she has her tennis pro coach come by to play with them and Tins outplays her. To be fair, Tins was on the tennis team in college so… The next morning, Sonja shares what happened at the dinner and how some were disinvited. This does not sit well with Dorinda so she phones Barbara. Barbara is actually with Bethenny at her investment property, which has been completely redone. It costs 80K to run it every year and she just rented it out for eight weeks for over 100K so she is trying to decide whether she will sell or keep it. Because Barbara is in the construction business, she wants her opinion on it all. That’s when Dorinda calls and asks about the clambake, says she will not call Lu and apologize, and just has it out with her, leaving Bethenny shocked. Well, what did she expect?

Barbara goes to get stuff for her clambake and tells Lu Dorinda won’t make peace with her and they talk about the aggressive phone call but the clambake must go on. For some reason, Ramona believes she was invited (she was not) so she gets ready to go with Tinsley and Sonja. Dorinda is hurt but happy for some silence as the ladies head out. But, before anyone leaves, Dorinda sends Lu a text which a Tyler Perry text, leaving Lu laughing and almost speechless. If the quote fit, who cares who it came from? It is time for the clambake and Ramona shows up and it is like Lu has seen a ghost but of course, we have to wait until next week for it all to go down and it will go down. You can catch it all Wednesday nights at 9pm on Bravo!

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