Survivor Live Recap – Season 38 Episode 4 – I Need a Dance Partner

Tonight on Survivor season 38 we will watch as two tribes get expanded to three tribes! We will also watch as the Edge of Extinction heats up when one of the eliminated castaways has to face the people they blindsided on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor 2019, get all caught up right here! Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction!

We started tonight’s episode of Survivor season 38 off with Chris’ venture to the Edge of Extinction and being met by Reem and Keith. Meanwhile, Wendy is still a big target on Manu. She put the flint back, but they others know it was her that took it.

The tribes meet with Jeff and they talk about Chris being voted out briefly and then Jeff makes a comment about how you never know what’s going to happen. He tells the castaways to drop their buffs! There is Manu, Kama, and Lesu. Lesu has Wardog, Rick, Lauren, Kelley, and David. Kama is Joe, Aurora, Ron, Julia, and Julie. Manu is Wendy, Aubry, Gavin, Victoria, and Eric.

On Manu, the new tribe is already talking about killing and cooking the chickens and later that night Wendy sets them free in order to save them from being killed. We also get another look at the Edge of Extinction where the three castaways are getting hit by a pretty nasty storm. Keith is talking about wanting to leave and how he is stuck in his own head about it too. Reem and Keith have a conversation about Chris and how he was talking about being blindsided expecting Keith and Reem to feel sorry for him. Chris goes out to the water and caught a couple fish for the camp. Reem and Keith are currently over the “being mad at Chris” thing. At least for now.

The next morning, the Manu tribe realizes that the chickens got out and they all know deep down that Wendy let them loose. They talk about trying to catch them and Wendy starts to beg them to leave them alone.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge! The castaways will race up a series of A-frames with a rope in hand, they will then use the rope to attach the ropes to a crate and start pulling it over a track. Inside the crate are puzzle pieces that they have to put together and the first two tribes to do so will win immunity! It is a close race to the finish. All three tribes get to start putting the puzzle together around the same time.

Kama is the first tribe to win immunity followed by Manu sending Lesu to Tribal Council! Lesu is having a hard time deciding who to vote out tonight because they have all gotten really close. David tells Rick that Lauren isn’t eating and isn’t going to be strong in the challenges. As much as David wants Kelley ou, he knows that the time isn’t right. The girls are talking about voting out Rick because he is well-liked. Kelley thinks that she can get Wardog to vote with them and he tells Kelley that if they keep Lauren, she needs to start eating. However, he is worried that Rick will stab them in the back at merge to fit in with the others. Wardog seems to be the deciding vote here.

It is time for the Tribal Council! The votes are in and have been tallied! Here they are:

  • Lauren
  • Rick
  • Lauren
  • Rick
  • Rick

David doesn’t seem happy about Rick being voted off, but Rick takes it well. Makes a joke that he takes everything back and they are the worst, but then tells them that he loves them and to go win something. Rick is then given his choice to stay or go and he decides to stay and go to the Edge of Extinction!

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