Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 5 Recap- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, the women concluded their Bahamas trip with even more doggie drama and ended the episode by Ken showing LVP texts between Teddi and LVP’s Vanderpump Dogs worker, John Blizzard. These texts were quite revealing, which you can see right here.

Kyle is not ready to say good-bye to her second to last daughter, Sophia, who is heading off to college in D.C. She is not ready to lose another daughter even though her eldest, Farrah is back in LA, working as a real estate agent and Alexia graduated university, back home, as well. She is helping Sophia pack but is having her own struggled; they both are but she still has Portia, 10 and husband, Mauricio at home to tend to. Rinna goes on a walk with Denise who reveals her boyfriend, Aaron’s divorce from Nicollette Sheridan, is now officially done. This means only one thing: the two are getting married. Rinna is over the moon ecstatic for Denise but a tad shocked when the bride-to-be reveals they will not be doing the traditional engagement ring thing. Instead, they are just going to get married and do wedding bands, skipping all of the typical pre-wedding hoopla. But, remember, he just got out of a marriage and confesses later on he did not think he would get married again and she has already been in a very public and tumultuous marriage with Charlie Sheen so why even bother going down the traditional route? Just have fun and be in love. The ladies do have to discuss the recent trip, which they are still recovering from and Denise says she loves Erika and did have a connection with LVP. It’s easy for her to connect with her as they both have adopted children and Denise is a newbie and we all know LVP loves fresh meat when she is in the thick of something.

Still unsure as to who to trust in the whole dog situation and even leaving PK angered, Dorit goes horseback riding with Erika and Teddi. They try to make some sense of it all but it’s all so confusing and the truth is, no one wants to hear about this damn dog anymore. All I care about is the fact Dorit took the dog to a shelter and not back to Vanderpump Dogs. I do not care about any of the side details, I care about this and only this. Teddi does go to Erika’s house and in the chapel confesses she was mad at Dorit and did want to kind of set her up and make her look bad hence exposing how she dirty dealed with the dog. That is why the text came out how she told John Blizzard to bring a dog down when she and Kyle went to Vanderpump Dogs and she would say how it looked like Dorit’s but apparently, at the last minute, she decided she could not go through with it but the Johns still played it through. If she said it in a chapel, it must be true. So, she is saying she played a part, taking accountability for her part but she is not looking so great. This is a hot mess.

In D.C., Kyle is with her husband and all of her kids trying to get Sophia settled but at their last dinner, it is starting to become heavier. Yes, Sophia is really leaving. Back in the BH, Rinna has a sexy photo shoot but says she has hustled for so many years and now, she is the most successful she has ever been. On date night, Aaron and Denise are talking about getting married and when he looks at his calendar, he says the only day they are really free is September 8th, which is just 10 days away. He starts talking about numerology, something Denise could give a crap about, she is just concerned as to how they will pull it off so fast. We know they did because they are married. On their last morning in D.C., Kyle’s anxiety is overwhelming and it gets to Sophia. She knows this is going to be great for her daughter but it is just so hard to leave her so far away. It is a rough few days but eventually, Kyle and Dorit meet at LVP’s home for a late lunch. There, she shares all of the texts between Teddi and John, all that Kyle has seen because Teddi turned over her phone to Kyle in the Bahamas. She thinks there are a few accountable parties and this should just be over. Oh, and by the way, John Blizzard came over to speak with LVP and he just looked like a deer in headlights but admitted Teddi has been an integral part of Vanderpump Dogs with charity and such.

Next week, LVP and Teddi come face to face. Don’t miss it at 9pm on Tuesday night on Bravo!

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