BRUCE!!!! Is Coming to Theaters March 15th!

Sometimes you see a movie clip and you just know it is going to be worth the time and the money. BRUCE!!!! is one of those films and definitely the must-see comedy of the spring. Starring and directed by Eden Marryshow (Nurse Jackie, The Black List), the film revolves around a guy everyone knows: an arrogant, broke blowhard who knows how to sabotage everyone he gets close to, one way or another. After realizing his parents are not going to take care of him financially any longer and finding out his roomie is moving in with his fiance, Bruce has to concoct some scheme to keep his apartment. Thus, he decides he will find a super hot femme to live with him…and pay 80% of the rent. Little does he know, the love bug will bite him via one of the rental candidates. So, what else could go wrong? Probably everything. Co-starring Mle’ Chester (Vinyl) and Jason Tottenham (Qunatico), BRUCE!!!! has won several awards, including Best Director presented by the ABFF. It will have it’s national release Friday, March 15th in 17 states and 24 cities, which is huge for Marryshow, who started out as a special needs teacher. He is proving dreams can come true. To find out where you can catch the film in your city, go to



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