Breaking Down the Cast of Seeking Sister Wife!

We have watched seven episodes of the second season of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC and we really are just scratching the surface of the four core families. One of the families, the McGee’s, have not even been in a polygamist relationship and may not even make it to one with the way the last episode ended.  The same goes for the Snowdens, who are trying out women for their family and seem to be committed to Vanessa but there is no ring on her finger and she still has yet to be intimate with Dimitri so it’s all up in the air. But, who exactly are the families we watch every Sunday at 10pm? Time to get to know them a little better.

  • The Alldredges: Desperately seeking a third wife, Jeff and his two wives, Sharis and Vanessa (whose brother, Mitch is married to Sister Wives daughter, Aspyn) are not having much luck this season with the woman, Jennifer, they have been courting. They have been talking for awhile via telephone but when she met them in Niagara Falls, she spent a few hours skating with Jeff before she had an “emergency” and had to leave before she could spend any time with the wives. Then, she was supposed to come to South Dakota to stay for a few weeks with the family (in the tree house) but shortly before she was to land, Jeff got a text from her brother saying he had to rush her to the hospital as her appendix had burst. No one believes this and, as we see from the previews, she cannot be located, even at the hospital. But, who is this family and who exactly is Jeff? He had a life prior to the show, a wife named Cynthia and eight children with her but that marriage, according to Facebook, was falling apart. She has chosen not to appear on the TLC reality show so contrary to popular belief, Jennifer would have been wife number four, not number three. And though he, Vanessa, and Sharis claim they have seven children, the actual total is 15. Explains why they have one bathroom. Oh, and fun fact: Jeff is actually friends with Kody Brown from Sister Wives. And now they are kind of family.
  • The Snowdens: Ashley and Dimitri attempted to find a wife last season but this was a fail. This year, they seem to have struck gold with Vanessa who is even willing to give up meat for their vegan lifestyle and go on the 21-day alkaline diet so she can get her pH in check to  have sex with Dimitri. But, what you may not know or have forgotten is Ashley and Dimitri are not even legally married. They want to create a “tribe” of sorts and Ashley has just given birth to her last child, their third together. They are looking for a partner and someone to help take care of their children; a nanny, if you will who will also bring more children to the tribe. If they were to be legally married, they feel it would be a disservice to whomever they were to bring into their family. So, how could Dimitri be so transient and pick up and move from Atlanta to California in the blink of an eye like he did? He owns four online companies such as Cognita, Defense Bag, Optimus, and Railroad Service Bag. He does stuff with robots, has been sued but he provides for his family and is prepping for a second wife and a tribe so he must be doing okay. Dimitri is 38 while Ashley is 32; no age for Vanessa as of now.
  • The Winders: Colton, Tami, and Sophie are by far the oddest polygamist family on this show, mainly Colton and second wife Sophie. They have not even had any kids together yet and are already looking to find a third wife. Along with that, they reside in Utah but make it a weekly adventure to go to different parks and markets to share they are polygamists. I think he just wants people to see he could land two women. Apparently, Colton knows fans of the show find him and his voice creepy but this is just who he is with a lackluster personality (or none at all). He was not certain about plural marriage and struggled with the ups and downs of it, leading him to abandon his religion completely, as he wrote in a blog post. He also confessed to falling into a severe depression and even battling suicidal thoughts but having first wife, Tami by his side helped bring him to the light. Sophie came into the family and has been married to them for about a year now and they have yet to all live together but are trying to embrace a third wife. Though Tami was his support all along and is the mother to his only child, Colton and Sophie seem to more alike.
  • The McGees: Bernie and Paige had sought a sister wife for years but jealousy had a hold on Paige throughout the entire time. What added to the search was the person was a close friend so there was a lot of chatter. The duo, in their early 40’s, have four kids and a few grandkids to boot and started out in an RV after a fire ravaged their home. They’ve decided it is now time to start their search again, starting with an online dating profile. Following the profile came a move to an actual home. What they are looking for in a sister wife is someone who wants children but it is okay if she already comes with her own, as well. The two boys they still have at home do not really understand the need for another “mom” but are just standing by for the ride. Unfortunately, feelings of jealousy are coming back up with Paige and she is having a very hard time watching Bernie even sext with another woman.

And there you have it. The four families which make up season two of Seeking Sister Wife. Keep watching every Sunday night at 10pm on TLC following Sister Wives.

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