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Previously On Sister Wives, Meri went with Kody to Flagstaff to see what the properties were like while Aspyn and Mitch still prepared for their wedding. You can catch up with it all right here. You can also see the complete Brown family tree by clicking on this link.

The whole family is headed to Flagstaff to look at the properties and Janelle has to make the decision between Coyote Pass and Cottonwood. A lot of the kids are going, including ones who are not even moving with them, just so they can get a firsthand look at the properties. Christine’s youngest daughter, Truely is not so happy about the idea of moving because she loves her friends while Robyn revealed her cousin, Mindy, who moved in with them six years ago, will not be leaving Las Vegas for Arizona. She has put down roots there and this is making Robyn second guess this whole move situation. No one wants to drive with Kody while Janelle is thinking they should put down an offer the moment they get there just to secure the location. When they pull into Cottonwood, Robyn does not like it at all as she feels the road is too long. But Janelle loves the idea of four seasons and the trees all around; the kids are not all that fond of it at all despite the fact they can have horses, chickens, and no restrictions. They can even do four big homes or one big home, which is ideal for Kody but he was not ready to discuss this with his wives but the the realtor did not know that. Janelle is ready to write a check at this moment without even asking the family but Christine wants to shut the family down. Gwendlyn, Christine’s daughter, hates it and she is super verbal about it but her mom reminds her she will only have to live there for two years because they will all have to live in rentals for a year.

Time to move over to Coyote Pass where there are restrictions, which Kody does not like but Robyn still loves it there and hopes she can get her voice heard. Her daughter, Aurora, is not a fan of the property but Christine is and some of the other kids are. Janelle agrees with Robyn and Christine, despite the restrictions; she loves Coyote Pass, as well but she wants to live in Flagstaff so badly, she does not care where she lives. She tells Kody she is sold on this place and this comes as a shock for him because he was ready to make a bid on Cottonwood and now, he is spinning. Meri chimes in that she is not hearing angels sing at CP but she does not care. The kids cannot even play in the mud because of prairie dogs so it is time for him to eat before he loses his mind.

A week later, Kody calls a family meeting with his wives so they can decide about the properties. For Christine, Cottonwood is a lot of work while Janelle says she was making a backdoor deal on that property with Shelbi, knowing her family can never make a decision. Then she got to CP and it changed everything so now it is on to Meri who says to go to Robyn. She says Meri is his first wife while Meri retorts with “you’re his legal wife.” In Robyn’s mind, she is still number four and they say numbers never mattered so Meri says she did not hear any music at the second property but she knows she is outnumbered. At this point, they know they will have to go into rentals for a year so Meri says maybe they should wait until they find a property where angels sing to everyone. Kody loves all of this but he would love to secure a place ASAP.

Meri says she would love to stay in Vegas and does not need to leave while Christine says they are a transient family. Robyn is done with that word and does not want to move anymore. Christine brings up the idea of all of them living in one house and she says it will never happen; Kody says he does not want to talk about it yet he is still thinking about it. They are all getting nervous about time limits and moving but the wives are saying they do not have to be in Flagstaff at the same time. Meri says she will be helping Mariah move to Chicago over the summer but Kody says she is an adult and can do it on her own. The wives are shocked. As for Aspyn and Mitch, they have brought over Kody’s kilt for the wedding. They also have to order one for Solomon who is very shy and not keen on the idea of wearing one. What is making it even harder is Kody keeps calling it a skirt not a kilt.

They gift Kody with something that has a claddagh on it, which is a meaningful symbol in the Brown family then Mitch and Kody both come out in kilts. They show them off to Solomon, who seems intrigued but says he won’t wear the kilt. Kody believes Mitch and Aspyn have been brought together by god and is will be a good father in the long run. It is now time to make an offer on Coyote Pass but someone else made another offer so they have had to make a counter. Kody calls another family meeting so he can talk finances and the big idea is to get the restrictions removed in order to move there. Plus, they have to have money to build the homes on the property. There are a lot of emotions involved with the wives so it makes it super hard to help Kody in any terms. Meri has no opinion and so she just does not say much and everyone questions if she is going to bow out and stay behind. She has already said she is fine with them getting this place but she will not lie.

The other wives leave but Kody asks Meri to stay behind. She says she knows why they could not get Cottonwood and he agrees they had an emotional connection there. It would have been too much work to move there and she gets that but she is tired of all of the emotional pressure she gets from the wives and Kody about moving. She just really loved the way she felt with Kody about Cottonwood and didn’t want to let it go. Time for Aspyn’s bridal shower and there may be some naughtiness so get ready. It is a traveling theme- traveling from Miss to Mrs. Mitch even made an arch for the wedding which they are using to unwrap the gifts under at the shower. Suddenly, Kody needs the wives because the owner of CP has contacted their realtor and she has news. The owners have accepted the rest of the offer and they will remove the CCNR’s so this is all a positive; they just have to pay to bring the utilities there. Now, Kody looks like he is a panic because his family will be apart in rental homes and he is not ready for all of that.

Kody is panicked like a crazy person as if he just woke up. They have given all of their money to land and have nothing for anything else and he is freaking out and the wives are baffled by his behavior. He then calls Meri out for not saying anything and gets mad at her in a berating way as she has to reassure everyone she is fine with going to Arizona. She knows a lot is going on even though Kody’s dream was to live on a ranch with his kids, he cannot fathom this reality. He goes to ask who wants to put their home on the market first but Christine and Robyn remind him they cannot go deep as they have a shower to get to. He apologizes and says he forgot and lets them go. The shower is upon us and they start with the newlywed game but Aspyn has strict rules not to talk about the move because she never believed it would really happen. Aspyn gets a lot of very sexy clothes and it was a success; all Christine wants is her daughter to be happy and relaxed on her wedding day. Kody is behind, scared he will miss something with his kids if they are in rentals but this was his decision.

Next week, Aspyn and Mitch tie the knot so do not miss it Sunday night at 8pm on TLC.

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