Previously On…Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 Episode 7 Live Recap!

Previously On Seeking Sister Wife, Vanessa moved to Cali with Dimitri, Ashley, and the kids while being told she had to get her pH in check. At the same time, Brandy came to visit Paige and Bernie and it seemed to go pretty well. You can read all about it right here.

Everything is going well in California with Vanessa, Dimitri, and Ashley except for the fact that Vanessa is a little messy for her new man’s tastes. He is OCD and admits it has been a hard adjustment but he is working on adjusting to it all. Her two sisters are coming to visit, her twin has been living in Australia for 10 years and they are not so keen on her being in the polygamist lifestyle. She has successfully made it through almost half of the alkaline diet but hates she cannot drink wine when she really needs it on days when she has to see her family and have them meet her future spouses. Over with the Alldredges, Jennifer is coming to visit the family after her ditching Jeff and the wives in Niagara Falls. Vanessa and Sharis are talking about how they feel about bringing a third wife in and Sharis will miss having Jeff around more often and having to share him but it is a sacrifice and adjustment they are willing to make. Plus, Jennifer wants to have kids so this helps in Jeff’s eyes. Brandy is in town with Bernie and Paige and the whole family is having dinner, kids included. Can they be one big happy family? They are discussing the weekend and Paige decides she will have a girls day with Brandy then Bernie will go out with her alone. Paige is starting to feel uncomfortable because she thinks Bernie is a little too comfortable with Miss Brandy.

Brandy and Paige are having a day of beauty before Brandy’s date with Bernie. Brandy says she is worried as to how Paige feels and does not want to overstep her bounds. Paige says no intimacy until there is a commitment and now they have to define intimacy but Brandy does say what happens between her and Bernie is between them. They feel like they have been friends forever but this won’t last. In California, Vanessa’s sisters, Adrienne and Amy arrive at the house. Adrienne, her twin, flew in from Australia while Amy, her half sister, came from Utah. This lifestyle choice has been a shock to Vanessa’s twin so she had to come see what was going on and the appeal of it all. Amy, on the other hand, is actually jealous of the situation and wishes it was her which is actually really sweet. Everyone can tell Adrienne is very uncomfortable but the hope is she will open up to Ashley and Dimitri by the time the trip is over. The Alldredges are cleaning up the house in preparation for Jennifer visiting but they only have one bathroom. They explain the rules: no intimacy or kissing before marriage but not to worry because I do not think she is coming. Vanessa is starting to get jealous because Jennifer was a model and such and has yet to have any kids but she tries to reassure herself she is okay as is.

In Cali, the sisters are headed out for lunch but Vanessa is restricted as to what she can eat so she has to explain to Adrienne and Amy about the alkaline diet. This alarms Adrienne and she wants to know how much say her sister actually has; she cannot even drink when she goes out with them. The sisters have a lot of questions for Vanessa and do not understand the idea of a scheduled relationship and are shocked she has yet to be intimate with Dimitri. Adrienne asks if Vanessa is the nanny. Well, we have all thought this and she does not think her sister will be happy as she has loved to be the center of her partner’s world. She feels she should ask herself these hard questions to be fair to everyone in the relationship but Vanessa just wants them to be happy for her no matter what she does. It is the day Jennifer is supposed to be coming to see Jeff, Vanessa, and Sharis but we all know she is not coming or staying for a couple of weeks. Jeff gets a few texts he has to share with his wives that are super important. What could they be?

Jeff gets his wives together. He has texted Jennifer to tell her he would see her shortly but the response he got was supposedly from her brother saying her appendix burst and she was in the hospital. No one on social media believes this at all, just relaying the message. It is now time for Bernie and Brandy to go on their date and Brandy is nervous. She hopes nothing stalls when they are out, as she tells her daughter while she is getting ready. Bernie is concerned for how Paige is feeling because he knows she is super sensitive and right before the date, though she wants to live this lifestyle, she begins to get emotional knowing her husband is going out with another woman. Bernie thinks Brandy looks lovely when she comes out for the date and they are both nervous and he admits he is attracted to her. Once they leave for the date, Paige is not so happy with what is going on and breaks down. The producers alert Bernie, who has not even left the garage with Brandy so he comes inside to console her.

Next time, Adrienne is still made about Vanessa’s plural choice, the Winder family gets a message, Jeff finds out Jennifer is not in the hospital, and Paige tries to figure out why they chose this lifestyle. You can catch it all at 10pm on TLC.

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