Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 17 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Christy battled with quitting smoking while Bonnie started to wonder if she had ADD. You can follow their struggles by clicking right here.

Now that Bonnie has been diagnosed with ADD, she is using it for every excuse and everything that has gone wrong in her life. She believes she could have been a doctor or a lawyer or a doctor lawyer had she not had ADD. At the same time, Adam is struggling to keep up with how busy the bar has gotten because of March Madness, not that it is a bad thing. He has Tammy working down there as both a bouncer and a waitress and when Christy learns how much she has made, her mind is blown. He asks if she would like to pick up a few shifts over the weekend and she is definitely down for it. After all, she has been a waitress for years so this is perfect for her. Bonnie agrees to go to counseling to deal with her ADD but she wants a quick fix and does not like anything the therapist (Rainn Wilson) has to offer her. He believes she is clinging on to her ADD and may like to use her diagnosis as an excuse. That is so Bonnie.

At the bar, Christy is cleaning up as a waitress. She equates the tips to stripper money and she is way better than Tammy, who cannot remember anyone’s drinks. The only problem she runs into is a group of regulars who ask her advice when they are betting on the basketball games via a phone app. First off, she is blown away you can gamble like that but secondly, she is in Gamblers Anonymous so she should not be anywhere near gambling. But, she justifies helping these guys as helping not gambling and ends up with $600 in tips. She goes to her GA meeting and tells her sponsor what is going on. Though he feels she is on a slippery slope, he makes her promise to call before, during, and after her shift to make sure she is safe and secure. She agrees. Bonnie has left her first meeting with her therapist but goes back a second time and spills her guts. He lets her know her ADD actually saved her in many ways from all of the trauma she experienced as a foster child. She then unleashes and starts balling; Bonnie has officially made a breakthrough.

Back at the bar, Tammy has gotten much better at serving and Christy is focused on not helping the guys gamble. But, she gets sucked in again and slacks at her job. She also forgets to call her sponsor who shows up and takes her outside. He asks if she felt the need to drink while working in a bar and she said no. This is because she has been sober for five years but she has only been away from gambling for a super short time and it will take time. She claimed she liked the gambling friendships but he asks if he needs to take her home and she says no. He tells her if she feels she needs to gamble, she needs to call but she claims she will be fine. Let’s hope she will, one day at a time.

Mom will not be on next week but you can normally catch it Thursday nights at 9pm on CBS.

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