Previously On…The Voice Season 16 Blind Auditions Week 2!

Previously On The Voice, week one of the blind auditions had ended and the initial season 16 teams were starting to take shape. Coaches John Legend, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton were making moves to ensure they had the best teams around when it came to the battles. But, how would newbie, Legend fare up against two-time champion, Clarkson? And we cannot forget OG’s and Sexiest Man Alive winners, Shelton and Levine who are super thirsty to take the trophy home. Here are how the teams are looking after week two of the blinds and there are still more to come!


  • Trey Rose
  • Jimmy Mowery
  • Domenic Hayes
  • Karly Moreno
  • Patrick McAloon
  • LB Crew


  • Maelyn Jarmon
  • Lisa Ramsey
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Savannah Brister
  • Julian King
  • Jacob Maxwell
  • Talon Cardon
  • Betsy Ade


  • Karen Galera
  • Rizzi Myers
  • The Bundys
  • Alena D’Amico
  • Jej Vinson
  • Rebecca Howell


  • Gyth Ridgon
  • Kim Cherry
  • LiLi Joy
  • Hannah Kay
  • Carter Lloyd Horne
  • Dexter Roberts
  • Dalton Dover
  • Kendra Checketts

And do not forget Bebe Rexha has the Comeback Stage with contestants who did not get a chair turn so she is giving them a second chance at greatness. Do not forget to come back for the rest of the blinds Monday at 8pm on NBC!

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