Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Premiere Recap- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, we caught you up on all of the drama that ensued during season 10 which led up to the season 11 premiere, airing last night at 9pm on Bravo. It took about twelve hours to recover but here we are with your complete premiere recap!

It was bound to have a very sad start to the season as we had to go backwards in order to move forward. Luann’s drinking was addressed, how she went to rehab, and returned which forced her to miss the season 10 reunion. Slid in there was how Bethenny’s boyfriend at the time, Dennis Shields was the one who helped Luann when she was having familial legal problems. This was one of the core reasons which led her to relapse but it got even darker as Bethenny was asked about Dennis, who subsequently passed away August 10th, 2018. She reveals she learned of his death via a phone call from his daughter, Tyler which just left her screaming. Still in disbelief and wanting to talk to him, both B and her daughter, Bryn sent Dennis posthumous text messages and it still breaks her heart to this day…or at least throughout the episode where she could not help but break down. She was based in the Hampton where she had her very close friends with her but she could not process it all and wondered how long it would take. Dorinda, who lost her second husband to cancer, said she extended her sympathies to Bethenny and said she was there if she needed her which was what most of the ladies did but they knew this was all that could be done.

As we know (or maybe you missed it), Carole Radziwill has left the franchise after six seasons so there had to be a replacement and we meet her when we visit Luann at her home in Sag Harbor. Prior to this, Lu explains what happened with her home, family, and subsequent relapse. She had wanted to buy another home and when she could not get a bank loan, her children had their father (her ex-husband, the Count) help block her from selling the Sag Harbor home to get the money to buy the new house. It was a hard situation but clearly rectified as we see her talking to daughter, Victoria at the beginning of the show, saying she will be singing “Girl Code” at one of her cabaret shows and would love if Victoria joined her. Soon, new addition, Barbara Kavovit joins Lu and she is a construction maven and a welcomed addition. She’s known Lu for years and was actually at the intervention with Bethenny the second time Lu went to rehab. She said she stood by and watched her dear friend marry Tom but she was not going to stand by and let her make another mistake. Lu shares she is 50+ days sober, going to meetings every day and is feeling great.

Dorinda is on a healthy path, working out and not drinking as much as she has realized too much alcohol and her do not mix. They do a montage of her when she is drunk and though she can be quite comical, she can have a mean streak and this does not bode well for anyone. She says she and Lu have not spoken since March, so about six months, and just feels they need some time apart. At least she acknowledges they need distance and is not pushing anything on anyone, which this group tends to do. While walking with her trainer, she comments on Lu’s drinking and erratic decisions, beginning with her whirlwind romance with Tom to the engagement to marriage to divorce to arrest to rehab and back again. So, this is why she did not want to get lectured by Lu in Colombia but none of these women are saints when they drink, let’s be real. Since all of the ladies are headed to the Hamptons for the last weekend of summer, Dorinda meets up with Tinsley to go shopping and catch up a bit. Tinsley has been away with Scott all summer, both traveling and enjoying playing house in Chicago. She has been co-hosting events with him at his home and she is really enjoying being domestic but has made it clear she won’t leave NYC until she has a ring. They talk about Bethenny and how they both reached out but will let her come to them and how Dorinda has not spoken to Lu at all since March. It seems Tinsley is a bit shocked by the news but time to go shopping anyways.

Sonja has rented out her townhouse and is now living in a substantially smaller two bedroom apartment with her dog, Marley. Ramona comes to visit as she is preparing to list her home, as well and wants to see how Sonja is adapting. Sonja has a new assistant who she pokes fun at for taking too long to make toast then gives her the task of hanging monogrammed towels over the windows so no one can see in because it is parallel to a restaurant and Sonja has a date whom she may want to get busy with sans prying eyes. But soon, it is time to head to the Hamptons, where Bethenny, Lu, and Barbara are already hanging out. Scott has sent Tinsley his Bentley to use so she and Sonja will be driving up together. Dorinda was going to come with them but she is still having weird feelings about Luann so she went first. Destination- Ramona’s where Dorinda arrives with a candle in hand but she has wrapped it in a very nice bag. It is a monogrammed bag that says L and T; it is the embroidered cloth bag Luann and Tom gave out at their wedding and she wanted to gift it to Ramona but she is not having any of that and calls on her housekeeper to take the bag.

Bethenny has Barbara and Luann over for lunch as she has not seen Barbara since the intervention. Lu shows up with pie and not wanting to arrive empty handed, Barb thinks she should run and grab flowers when she realizes she has a chic tool box in her back seat she can gift Bethenny. They come inside right after B has had a crying fit. Tyler sent her a photo of Dennis she felt she should have and it just sent B into an unexpected tailspin. She felt she was okay but it was  just a lot and she is trying to process everything while keeping her head above water. The ladies go outside to eat and Lu voices how hurt she is by Dorinda and how she was never really there for her despite always bragging that she was. Unfortunately, Barb is having a clambake and is planning on inviting Dorinda as she and her have been good friends for a very long time. Lu says she will not go if that is the case and Bethenny reminds Barb how Lu is in a very fragile state, being newly sober. So, Bethenny and Lu can sit this one out and Barb can have her clambake. One thing we did learn is the new addition does not get along with Ramona at all. She has met her approximately 15 times and every time, Ramona acts like she does not know her. That’s typical. So, it is pretty hard to tell who is truly friends at this moment and what is frayed. But, it is only episode one. Come back next week at 9pm on Bravo for even more NYC drama!

**Oh and Ramona finally learned how to swim, noodles included!

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