Previously On…RHONY Season 10 Catch-Up and Season 11 Preview!

Previously On RHONY, we watched a roller coaster ride of season 10 which mostly revolved around the demise of the close friendship between OG, Bethenny Frankel and season five addition, Carole Radziwill. The two had become thick as thieves since Bethenny’s return in season seven and you could not find one without the other. This all seemingly changed after Tinsley Mortimer came onto the scene in season nine and Carole introduced her to her on/off-again boyfriend, Scott Kluth. Because of this connection, Carole and Tinsley formed a bond Bethenny seemingly could not penetrate or was jealous of. We learned they had not seen each other the entire summer prior to filming season 10, which Carole attributed to being in LA after her best friend’s husband passed away. When she came back, he hair was shorter and blonder, clothes a little funkier and she just was not on the same page with B anymore. Plus, she was training for the marathon and now just friends with benefits with longtime boyfriend, Adam. As for Bethenny, she had thrown herself into her charity work, traveling around the country and was dating Dennis more seriously as well as flipping properties and expanding the Skinnygirl brand.

What about the other housewives? Ramona was launching her own skincare line while attempting to find love; Sonja had taken an antidepressant, gained a bunch of weight, went juicing in Costa Rica, was kind of dating Rocco, then was back to her old shenanigans of trash talking her friends. She claimed Tinsley did not pay for anything, that Dorinda harped on the death of husband, Richard, and just so much more. This spawned “liar, liar, hoe on fire,” from Dorinda and “shut your mouth and shut your f’n legs,” from Tinsley. As for Luann, she was getting over her divorce from Tom, which consumed the two prior seasons. She defended him like no other and now she was back with her tail between her legs but it just got worse for her when she was arrested midway through the season then headed to rehab. Jill Zarin made an appearance when the ladies attended her husband, Bonny’s funeral and she and Bethenny had a come to Jesus moment. It was hard for Luann not to be there but she was able to rebound by going back to rehearsals for her cabaret show with Sonja.

Tinsley started the season not with Scott due to distance then they reconciled and by season’s end, she had moved into a bigger hotel penthouse so they could be together. Dorinda was still with John but her drinking had seemingly gotten out of hand, leading Bethenny to refer to her as a drunk and, on the cast trip to Cartagena, Colombia, she had it out with Luann. This was after Lu had left rehab and she was telling Dorinda to slow down but she did not take kindly to that and said at least she did not have a mugshot. In her mind, she did not feel someone who was arrested for being drunk just a short time prior should be monitoring her drinking. Fair. The trip was a sad disaster for Tinsley, who planned the whole thing, except for the anniversary gifts she received from Scott. Other than that, the boat they were on almost killed them all, everyone (except the hostess and Bethenny) got diarrhea, Bethenny and Carole fought the whole time…it was a hot mess. At the finale, they all went to see Luann’s cabaret debut but Dorinda was hurt Scott was invited but her longtime love, John, was not, especially after she had apologized profusely to Lu for anything that went down on vacay and had ensured she had the best gowns from Jovani for her show.

During the show, Dorinda kept screaming “Jovani,” Bethenny and Carole almost reconciled but it was interrupted by Ramona, and it looked like Lu and Dorinda would never be friends again. By the reunion, Lu was back in rehab so she could not attend, all the women were against Bethenny, no one could get a word in edge wise, and host, Andy Cohen was so far up B’s butt, it took over Twitter. But, the reunion was filmed over the summer and aired at a later date so we knew this: Carole was not going to be returning to the show so she did not care that she told Andy, who was technically her boss, he was full of sh** and we also had sadly learned Bethenny’s boyfriend, Dennis, who was helping Lu with her legal problems, had died from an overdose. No one knew if the B would be back but she is and this season looks insane. Along with B, we have Tinsley, Ramona, Sonja, Luann, and Dorinda, as well as Lu’s’ friend, Barbara kicking off season 11 tomorrow night at 9pm on Bravo following part 3 of the RHONJ reunion. Here’s a sneak peek if you haven’t seen it yet! It is amazing!!



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