Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 4 Live Recap!

Previously On RHOBH, the whole dog situation came up again in the Bahamas despite LVP’s reluctance to discuss it. You can catch up with all of the drama right here!

Some of the women like Camille, Denise, Dorit, and Rinna go to an amazing place in the Bahamas where they can spin their own margaritas on bikes. Rinna comments a place like that would do super well in Beverly Hills and I do not drink but I would definitely want to try it. Teddi and Erika, on the other hand, choose to spend the day golfing to to forget about all of the drama. After the spinning cocktails, the ladies head to a boat where they start talking about the dog situation and try to rationalize why LVP is so upset. Camille feels Dorit should have just phones LVP and let her know she was having issues with the puppy she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs. It nipped her family, end of story; no need to dodge around the whole issue and situation whereas the other women are all on Dorit’s side and feel LVP was being shady. I think Denise is too new to have an opinion just yet and as for Teddi, who is being pegged as a liar and a gossip, feels torn and betrayed. She tells Erika she does not want to have to show the receipts, so to speak but Erika wants her to come out guns blazing.

Kyle and LVP are having lunch and of course, Kyle is a crap starter. She is playing both sides whereas Erika is telling Teddi she has been used. It flashes to LVP talking to John Blizzard, the one who told Teddi about Dorit turning the dog the a shelter and he blatantly told LVP he as not her employee but rather her partner so he will do what he wants. This is just a big she said/she said mess and no one will ever be in the right. Before dinner, some of the women touch base with their families back home but LVP opts to speak with Teddi, asking if they can chat. Teddi comes to LVP’s suite she is sharing with Dorit and asks if she is there for an apology and now they will rehash the whole story. Apparently, LVP had instructed her staff to tell Teddi about the puppy situation which she is now denying so Teddi breaks out the texts from John Blizzard. Now, Dorit is torn between the two friends because she has had a rough history with Teddi.

Kyle is on the phone with Mauricio asking for permission to buy a 10K watch as she is trying to rebuild her jewelry collection after the robbery and Teddi starts knocking. She is fuming after her meeting with LVP and for good reason. Dorit is still conflicted but knows she has to make it to dinner on time as to not get any of the ladies upset. It is their last night so of course it will be dramatic. Because of LVP and Dorit have yet to arrive, everyone fills each other in on the day and the boat trip but Dorit shows up and apologizes for being late. Erika can sense something happened prior to the dinner and can sense it was bad. LVP has a look that could kill on and then everyone starts to notice Teddi is off; she acknowledges the night has been rough but she won’t be fake about it and Dorit looks at Teddi and says she believes her. LVP is now officially done because no one has paid attention to her at all during the whole dinner  and she feels betrayed by her “friends” so since she and Kyle are leaving super early the next morning, she gets up and leaves. Of course, Kyle follows suit because that is all she knows how to do.

At the table, Teddi says she has never lied and Rinna wants Kyle to just admit that LVP has lied in the past just to validate what is going on. They are all going back and forth when Kyle’s Rolex arrives at the dinner table. It suddenly makes everyone happy and giddy and forget they were ever hating someone. They ended up drinking a tad too much, partying a little too hard, and Kyle had to go to the airport with LVP on two hours of sleep not caring about a damn dog. Time for the rest of the ladies to have breakfast in Dorit’s room and Denise is shocked how dressed up they get just for breakfast. They had a great time going out and drinking but waking up led to a sense of sadness due to the way LVP treated the dog situation. Back in the BH, LVP is settling back home when husband, Ken comes around. She reminds him she did not have a good time but he has all of the texts between John Blizzard and Teddi. It appears she and John staged it so he would bring the dog to the front (or a look-a-like) so she could find a way to bring the Dorit situation up! Hmmmm…

Next week, LVP shares the texts with Dorit and Denise announces she is getting married. You can catch it all on Tuesday at 9pm on Bravo.

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