Meet the Browns- Breaking Down the ‘Sister Wives’ Families

It can be super confusing watching “Sister Wives” and hearing the wives or Kody referring to three of the kids as triplets and trying to figure out which wife carried them. It’s okay; this happens a lot. There are several children in the Brown family that were born so close together, they are often lumped together as twins or triplets. To make it easier, when you are watching the show, we decided to break down the family tree for you so you will know which kids belong to which mom and what year they were born in. It will be a handy dandy reference guide for future episodes and maybe just for curiosity.

Meri Brown (married 1990, divorced 2014):

  • Mariah- 1995

Janelle Brown (married 1993):

  • Logan- 1994
  • Madison- 1995
  • Hunter- 1997
  • Garrison- 1998
  • Gabriel- 2001
  • Savanah- 2004

Christine Brown (married 1994):

  • Aspyn- 1995
  • Mykelti- 1996
  • Paedon- 1998
  • Gwendlyn- 2001
  • Ysabel- 2003
  • Truely- 2010

Robyn Brown (married 2010, legally married 2014):

  • Dayton- 2000 (previous marriage, adopted by Kody)
  • Aurora- 2002 (previous marriage, adopted by Kody)
  • Breanna- 2004 (previous marriage, adopted by Kody)
  • Solomon- 2011
  • Ariella- 2016

And there you have it; the complete Brown family tree. Yes, there is one divorce as Meri and Kody divorced in 2014 so he and Robyn could legally marry for the sake of her children, which he legally adopted. You can keep up with the Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn every Sunday night on TLC at 8pm.

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