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Previously On Sister Wives, Kody took Christine to Flagstaff to see if she would love it as much as he did. Meanwhile, Gabriel was not so thrilled with Janelle about the concept of moving as you can see right here.

Kody claims he does not feel safe in Vegas anymore and neither do his wives but I do not feel this is totally true. He may just be playing on their fears to get them to concede. Christine and Robyn have seen the places in Flagstaff he is in love with but it has to be super incredible to uproot the family to make another change. We learn Robyn was only in Flagstaff for a day while Christine was there longer so she is sharing how much she loved being there, hearing angels upon pulling up to one piece of land.  Meri realizes they are getting a majority rules vote and Janelle is a tad confused but it is far from town. The kids want to know what the high school is like, what it looks like, and such so it comes out how resistant Gabriel has been while Gwendlyn has mixed emotions, as well. She has so many friends at school, has gotten so much from it, and is not sure she wants to leave that behind which Ysabel seconds. Unlike leaving Utah, the kids could not say good-bye to their friends properly but they can do it right this time around. It was dire last time but it is not a weekend escape. The family would have to rent all over again because it would take nine months to build the homes so history is repeating itself. What is the point of the move again?

Christine is having their real estate agent, Mona come by because she is super ready to move so she wants to see about putting the homes on the market. Kody explains the deal in moving is they can go anywhere except Utah. The Vegas market is moving pretty fast, according to Mona so now they have to figure out when they should put the homes on the market. The homes could sell in around 30 days whereas they were under the impression it would be up to six months. Though Kody loves her enthusiasm, Janelle and Meri still have yet to see Flagstaff so there is still some planning to do but this is just too much too fast. Mona tells Christine to prepare she must remove all family photos from the walls and start painting. Mona asks how they will live when they move, if they will do the cul-de-sac again and they still do not know. They are more concerned about actually having homes when they move than anything else.

It is now Meri’s turn to go see Flagstaff. She loves Vegas and her home there as well as the cul-de-sac and the weather. The idea of snow does not appeal to her and though Robyn and Christine loved the area, she does not believe she is going to have the same warm and fuzzy feelings as they did. Meri notes she has lived there for five years in the home and it is the longest she has lived anywhere; she does not foresee them staying put in another place for a long time. Kody says it is because his home is Wyoming so this is his excuse for the constant need to move aside from being forced out of Utah. On the way to Flagstaff, Meri asks Kody a little about the area and he says he looked all over the US when he talked to Robyn and they picked the most beautiful place and it just happened to be Flagstaff. As they are pulling in, Kody says his mouth is watering and Meri loves the downtown area but she knows it is not close to the locale he and Robyn have chosen.

This trip is also an attempt to rekindle Meri and Kody’s relationship; he believes it is a perfect place for romance. Meri says they are just trying to find a way to get along and be friends which really says a lot about where they are in life. Why is Meri even there? Kody notes they were close to separating but they stayed together and everything has to change so are working on it behind closed doors. They are driving and it is snowing which is hard for Meri to handle, especially in May. She starts to tell Kody to slow down since it is snowing while the real estate agent says there are over 300 sunny days per year. Now, keep in mind, the family is lucky because their jobs can be done from anywhere so upping and going is not a problem. After they leave one of the properties, it is clear Meri is not happy so Kody tries to address it with her. She says she is trying to be open and take it all in; this is not like Vegas and she is not sold on the area despite thinking it is lovely.

They meet the agent at a lodge and she wants to know where their headspace in and he mentions the idea of one home. He knows he needs to address that with the family but fears he will get a mass exile from the wives which shocks Meri. They haven’t lived like this since Utah but the cost of building in Flagstaff is insane. Meri does not feel it will offer autonomy for the wives and life is so different now. When they had one home, there were only three wives and it just worked but now, it is a no go and he admits he has not said anything about it to anyone else. As for the future newlyweds, Mitch and Aspyn, they are picking out the bagpipe tunes for their wedding. They are very excited for all of the little details and hopefully this move will not take away from it. Meri and Kody end up going to look at a place that the other wives have not seen. It is closer to town and it is more private with a ton of trees in the mountains; Meri loves it and this is her angels singing moment. Plus, it is priced right for the family so even better.

Now, it is time for Meri to see the place which made Christine and Robyn swoon. Very anti-climatic for her as she says she prefers trees to a giant meadow. Kody admits he loved both properties but he loves Flagstaff in general and this trip was great for their relationship so it was good all around. Time for Kody and the wives to meet up and talk about the trip. He and Meri share they saw a new property, Cottonwood, that they both loved whereas Robyn and Christine loved Coyote Pass. Christine is shocked but when she finds out it is a cheaper property, she is fine with it. Janelle will be the tie breaker but she is all in as long as she can live the life she wants. Kody says they can rent for a year and if it sucks, they can come back and the wives are beyond shocked and he realizes how stupid he sounds. The women want to know if this is the last move but they have no idea with him. Robyn says she is not a fan of Kody’s at the moment with the way he is talking because she wants to be planted somewhere. She says they are choosing therefore they will stay.

Time to cake taste for Aspyn and Mitch’s wedding and Aspyn has requested her parents are more silent than they were when they chose a venue and more mindful of what the couple wants. Mitch’s sister has come as have Aspyn’s four mothers and her sister, Mariah. It is weird for Mitch to hear her so comfortable calling each one her mom but this is her normal. The sister wives are just smiling and nodding which has now just become comical. They choose hazelnut and samoa on a three tier cake but the parents just wonder why they were even asked to come along. Robyn tells them to be graceful when they are feeding each other the cake and they say yes but in their confessional, Mitch and Aspyn have said they may smash the cake into their faces.  As for the rest of the kids, it is time to talk to them abut the move to Flagstaff and we all know some are really not happy about it at all.

Paedon is happy about the move because his mom, Christine is happy while Ysabel and Gwnedlyn are not that thrilled at all. Dayton is excited because he was accepted to school in Arizona so he wants to know how close campus is so they are all going to look at homes there. Janelle goes to speak to Gabriel after the meeting as he was very quiet during the meeting. He calls his dad a “slave driver” and is upset about moving but he is easier to deal with than her older son, Hunter who was extremely difficult when they moved to Vegas. Gabriel wishes he was more honest with his mom but feels like he cannot truly be and that is sad. Next week, it is Aspyn’s bridal shower and the family goes to visit Arizona. You can catch it at 8pm on TLC.

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