Previously On…Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 Episode 6 Live Recap!

Previously On Seeking Sister Wife, the Winder family set up their online profile to find a third wife, The McGee’s decided to set up a visit with Brandy, and the Snowden’s asked Vanessa to move in with them. Additionally, Jeff had a solo date that ended abruptly, all which you can read about right here.

The Snowden family not only asked Vanessa to move in with them but they decided they wanted to move to California. So, she came from Seattle to their home in Atlanta and went on the road trip Ashley, Dimitri, and their children to their new home in Cali only to find out, upon their arrival, that the home had fallen through. They stayed in a hotel for a period of time before they were able to get a home. Literally got rid of all of their stuff, their home, and bailed the ATL. In Cali, both women have their own rooms but for now, Dimitri will stay in Ashley’s room as he and Vanessa have yet to be intimate. The Alldredges have returned from Niagara Falls where they met Jennifer, whom they had been courting. Though she left right after her date with Jeff and did not spend much time with Jeff and his wives, she has still talked to them daily and is eager to come to South Dakota to see them. The McGee family is excited because a potential sister wife, Brandy is coming to town with her teenage daughter so mom, Paige breaks the news to two of their sons. The boys feel if their dad is talking to someone this seriously, it is a good idea they meet her.

The Winder family is actively seeking a third wife so they have set up an online profile which they are checking as a family. They get a response from someone they believe is a good candidate for their family so Sophie responds to her and she gets so excited with how well she does it, she wants to keep responding. Looks like they are making the right moves. Over with Dimitri and Ashley, he is ready to start being intimate with Vanessa so he asks his wife what needs to be done. In order to do this, she must go on a 21-day detox diet to get her pH in balance with Dimitri and Ashley’s as to prevent yeast infections as they will both be sleeping with the same man. Vanessa is a meat eater so this is why she must detox and I am thrilled to see Vanessa’s reaction because 21-days seemed long to Dimitri. The McGee’s are having their own issues as they prepare for Brandy’s arrival. This is the first potential to ever come to town so they are cooking a family dinner. Bernie says cooking is kind of romantic and that sets Paige off. Let’s see what happens when Brandy actually comes.

Sophie’s mom comes by and she is very excited because her mom was a sister wife and she wants to share with her that she, Colton, and Tami have set up an online dating profile to seek a third wife. Her mom is thrilled because she always knew she would follow in her footsteps. At the Alldredges, it is one of the kids birthdays and they do not really do presents because they have seven kids with more to come. They are just doing cake and ice cream but they do have a big announcement: Jennifer will be coming to visit for a week or two. One of the kids asks if it is a one-way ticket but they are not sure. Time for Brandy, 41 to meet with Paige and Bernie. She comes with her teenage daughter, Bre and she was not brought up in this lifestyle but it just seems fun. Bre has never flown until this experience and she fully supports whatever her mom wants to do with her life, which is nice but it is clear everyone is super nervous. Brandy tells her daughter she finds Bernie really attractive and likes Paige as a person, she feels really comfortable at the home.

Everyone is happy in the new home in California but first Ashley and Dimitri must have the intimacy conversation with Vanessa. This is very weird for Vanessa because she is shocked they are telling her they are ready for her to have sex but first, she must go on the diet. They do not eat meat, dairy, or gluten but this diet is solely alkaline. They explain it is 21-days and how specific it is, there is a list they follow, and they have been doing it for years. Vanessa says she has done may diets in her life but she has never done one in order to get some “D” as she says. She has never been faithful on a diet so she has to try to do be as good as she possibly can be and they can tell she is not excited but are very hopeful. Next week, Jennifer is supposed to come visit but this plan may change yet again; Vanessa’s sisters come to visit in Cali; and Bernie goes on a date with Brandy. You can catch it at 10pm on TLC.

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