Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Reunion Part 2 Recap!

Previously On the first part of the RHONJ Reunion, Teresa proved she still has her own language (Jackie was “gumming” for her) and b**** is probably her favorite word. Plus, much much more, all which you can keep up with by clicking right here.

Onto part two and even more excitement and accusations. This is just the middle section of a three-parter and fans are ready and raring to go as is newbie, Jackie. She did not let Teresa get away with anything, which was great to see but it was clear Tre was threatened by Jackie’s friendship with Melissa. Tre is pretty obviously threatened by Melissa in many ways now that her SIL is asserting herself and not letting anyone walk over her. I am loving Melissa this season and she is not this superficial friend like Dolores who has your back one moment then cannot wait to stab you in it the next. This leads us to Jackie’s article about Jennifer’s family and the writer does agree she should have told Jenn what she was writing about, let her be aware before she was blindsided by a call from one of the meddling housewives. Okay, lesson learned for future pieces. Family is clearly very important on this show and a big trigger, even causing wine glasses to be thrown, so the topic turns to parents. Everyone is doing well but Jackie’s mom has not kept up her finale make-over, sadly. Jackie does explain about her parents dynamic, how they do live apart despite still being married and are very happy with how it all works. They were both on house arrest at separate times when she was little so she does have a back story and can understand the difficulties kids face in a situation like that.

Back to Jennifer’s house and her 16 bathrooms. Who needs that many? I can barely keep one clean but she has 16! Andy Cohen asks if she has gone number two in all of them but she says she only uses the master for this purpose as it is deluxe and washes, sprinkles, vacuums, takes you out to dinner- you get it. Then, it moves on to husband, Bill and how she knew he was the one without being able to sleep with him prior to getting married. She alluded to dry humping and him wanting to whip it out on a few occasions so she did know what she was working with but it was all in the kiss. She does say her mother was very hard on her growing up and was not a happy-go-lucky person like she may appear now (I never saw that). But, she is very happy with Bill as a husband for Jennifer so everything is right with the world.

Another fun mom? Melissa’s and her fun sisters. As you may remember, Melissa was told by a medium there may be another sister out there due to an indiscretion by her dad. She did a DNA but so far nothing has come back to help her either way but she has received so much positive feedback viewers so that is a great bonus. Of course, Teresa feels her sisterhood should be enough for Melissa but let’s be real- Tre has been absolutely awful to Melissa all season. With friends like Tre, who needs enemies? They do all say they have shopped at Envy, Melissa’s boutique and Teresa’s comments she spent $700 on “bading suits” for her daughter then went back and spent another $500. There have been many rumors about Tre with another man that is not Joe, someone much younger but she is denying it all. The topic of Joe being deported came up upon being released from prison but there was actually a lot more to it to tear at the heartstrings of the audience.

Teresa’s brother and Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga comes out and he has had enough of his sister. He knows who he is, what he has with his wife, what kind of son he is, and he also points out how hard he was working when his brother-in-law was involved with dirty dealings. They go through a montage which follows the beginning of Juicy Joe and Teresa’s legal troubles. We see her go to prison, get released, him go away, and all the struggles in between. It does hurt everyone because there are kids involved but it feels like Teresa has not become kinder or softer or a better role model. She says she is mad at her husband for taking away a year of her life, which she missed with her mom, who is now deceased. Tre just wants time back she will never get and since he is not a citizen, he will be deported. She does not feel leaving the country is right or fair for her kids so she has pretty much said she will stay in Jersey and that will be the end of her and Joe.

Next week, the reunion concludes with part three and all of the husbands join the panel and Danielle finally makes her arrival. It starts at 8pm to lead into the season 11 premiere of the RHONY at 9pm so do not miss this exciting night only on Bravo! We will see you there!

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