Survivor: Edge of Extinction Live Recap – Season 38 Episode 2

Last week on Survivor: Edge of Extinction we watched as the castaways all met one another, competed together and then the first Tribal Council of the season took place. Reem was voted out by her tribe and when she was leaving she came across a sign that gave her a choice to stay in the game or go home. She chose to stay and was sent to the Edge of Extinction. Tonight on Survivor we will see how Reem is doing on the Edge of Extinction, the castaways will compete in another immunity challenge and then another castaway will be given the same choice. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor right here!

We got a look at Reem who is struggling on the Edge of Extinction which not a whole lot of resources. Meanwhile, the castaways on Manu are reacting to the results of Tribal Council from last week. Wendy is upset that her closest ally was voted out and she is expecting to be the next one out. On Kama, the castaways are dancing around and having a good time, but Aubry is trying to feel the newbies out. After that conversation, the newbies start talking about how Aubry has literally gone to every castaway and said the same things to each other them.

On Manu, Wendy goes to talk to a couple of the guys and they talk about trying to get the numbers to keep Wendy in the game but make the others think that they are going to vote her out. On Kama, some of the men are idol hunting, the women catch onto this and start talking about looking too. Lauren is the only one that goes off to look so that no one else finds it. She does end up finding the idol but then buries it in the sand to hide it. I see this ending badly.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge! The castaways will be starting out in the water, they will have to swim over to a cage, climb over, untie a snake which is really long and heavy and bring it back to shore. They will then have to unlock their rings to hook onto their letters and spell out the word “immunity” in order to win immunity. They also will get a reward.

Keith from Manu is still having a hard time with his swimming and some of his castaways are staying behind to help him. They aren’t too far behind Kama though. When they get to the rings, things are neck and neck but in the end, Kama wins immunity and reward which means Manu will be going back to Tribal Council. As their reward, Kama gets fishing gear.

When they get back to camp, Manu starts throwing names around and it’s sounding like Wardog is leaning towards getting Keith out because they need the stronger players right now in order to win challenges. After thinking about it, Rick and Chris start talking about maybe keeping Keith around and targeting Kelley instead and Rick starts talking to some of the others to get the numbers. Wardog isn’t sure this is the right move though.

It is time for Tribal Council! Wendy is asked if she is worried tonight and she tells Jeff that she is because she had a vote last week. Kelley is asked the same thing because she also had a vote last week. Kelley tells him that she didn’t want to see her name up there, but understands why. She mentions that at this point in the game they really need to keep the tribe strong so they don’t lose again. Some of them are asked if they think it will be a blindside tonight or a straight forward vote. Most of them think that it’s going to be a blindside in one way or another. It’s time to find out!

Jeff tallied the votes and this is how the votes went:

  • Kelley
  • Keith
  • Wendy
  • Keith
  • Keith
  • Keith

Four votes are enough and Keith has been voted off the island. When he gets to the end of the path and sees he has a choice to make, he decides to….We will have to wait to find out what he chose to do next week!

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