Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 3 Live Recap!

Previously On RHOBH, Dorit decided to invite all of the women on a vacay to the Bahamas. But the plane ride there was proving to be dramatic from the jump as you can see right here.

There have been so many rifts among this group, especially after Dorit brought the pup she got from Vanderpump Dogs to a shelter when it nipped her kids and PK and then it appeared Teddi was gossiping about the situation. But, the goal of this trip is to reconnect and LVP could use this since her brother passed away; Ken encouraged his wife to go on this adventure, feeling she needed it. They jetted away on a private plane, including Camille Grammer and newbie, Denise Richards and Dorit even invited LVP to share her super suite, which bothered some of the other ladies. Erika, of course, brought her glam squad along for the ride (this includes a space just for her hair) while Dorit invited all of the ladies for drinks on her balcony for night one. It appears they all have some sort of glam squad for this trip and Denise is taken aback by how dressed and made up they all are for cocktails in a hotel room. She feels like she did not pack appropriately but she looks fine to me. LVP pulls Kyle aside and tells her how weird she feels being on vacation after all she has been through over the year and Kyle has been estranged from her sisters since she created a tv show loosely based on her life.

Teddi and Denise are talking about growing up with celebrity- Teddi’s father is John Mellencamp while Denise has two kids with ex-husband, Charlie Sheen so trying to raise children in a stable environment has been a challenge. She hopes her kids turn out as well as Teddi has. Rinna goes to talk to LVP to see what gossip she can get and Dorit’s dog kind of comes up but LVP shuts down anything before Kyle can say anything which kind of peeves her off. The next morning, Rinna comes to join Teddi and Kyle in their suite for breakfast and Rinna is dying to know what happened with Dorit’s dog and, of course, Kyle spills. Now, Rinna has more ammo and she will use it against LVP and starts saying LVP set up the ladies to make Dorit look bad. Teddi just feels set up; LVP is mad at Dorit but it is all being redirected to the wrong people. As for Denise, she has boyfriend, Aaron at home watching her daughters and this makes her feel safe and secure. As Erika is getting ready, she wonders if she needs money but decides she will let the women pay for everything since Dorit has set up a private island for them. Denise has been to a private island when she shot Playboy in 2004 and her parents came and would watch her newborn daughter, Sami.

Denise and LVP go get massages while the ladies frolic in the water. And yes, Erika does have a 70 inch ponytail in her hair, just saying. During the massages, Denise talks about how she adopted her youngest daughter, Eloise and Lisa can relate as her son, Max is adopted. Eloise has some developmental delays, which has been hard but she feels lucky to be her mom. And now it is time for lunch and Rinna decides to open up lunch conversation to try to get out any issues they may be having within each other. Camille says she and Dorit had issues last year but she is having a lot of fun with her on this trip and is grateful to be on the trip. Everyone seems to be in a positive place but LVP says she is happy to have had all of the support from the women…except from Erika when her brother died. All Erika did was send her a card with a few lines and it felt disingenuous. This was the only way for Erika to convey how she felt because she did not feel right calling LVP and though Rinna cannot understand the logic, she does say grief is a hard process no one teaches you how to understand and go through. Now Erika is ready for a fight and LVP is her target!

Erika and LVP make up and then all the ladies wants to see Denise come from the ocean as she did in her Bond films. They get their phones out and film her and she is a great pro and trooper for all of them. And now it is time for all the ladies to get glammed up for the evening and Rinna comes to see Erika who is surrounded by her squad and a ton of wigs. She shows the letter she wrote to LVP to Rinna because she knew she would need proof and clearly, she did need the paper trail. At dinner, the Vanderpump Dogs issue comes up and Teddi sets the story straight to Dorit that she is not a gossip, despite what she may have heard or believes. Teddi feels this is how LVP operates as she has everyone else do her dirty work then leaves unscathed. Now, Dorit shares she gave the dog to someone she believed would give her a good home but was wrong as it ended up back in a shelter so Erika jumps to Dorit’s defense.

Denise is just sitting there, baffled by everything and has absolutely no idea what these women are bickering about. In the end, it was her gossip employee, John Blizzard who called Teddi and was the one who spilled the beans. Now, Dorit is crying and everyone is rallying around her because they feel she has been betrayed. Denise thinks John Blizzard should have kept his mouth shut but LVP thinks Teddi should have kept her mouth shut but she did; it came to light because of LVP’s employee. Now, LVP wishes she had stayed home as Teddi walks away. Next week, the women let their hair down in the Bahamas and engage in some activities while Teddi continues to fight with LVP. Back in the BH, Ken has a bunch of texts printed out and finds some scathing info on one of the ladies. You can watch the show every Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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