Previously On…Sister Wives Season 13 Episode 5 Live Recap!

Previously On Sister Wives, Kody tried to explain to his wives why it was vital they leave Las Vegas, none which sat very well with anyone but Robyn. At the same time, the sister wives took a trip to Seattle to visit future mother-in-law, Hannah and Aspyn picked out her wedding dress, all which you can catch up on right here.

This is the first time where all of the wives won’t have senior kids to move and that won’t happen again for another five years. Kody keeps bringing up different locales, most in Arizona and he likes the idea of them having just one home which would be another presentation. Meri seems to like the cul-de-sac idea more than all of them being on top of one of another. She also shares to Kody their daughter, Mariah and her girlfriend, Audrey are coming to stay for the summer as both of their leases are up and Mariah is undecided about where she will be attending grad school. Meri wants them both to stay in her house but Kody is not having any of that as he thinks they should live in separate homes. For Meri, she has proposed they live in her two spare bedrooms because, though polygamy is not traditional, their kids must obey traditional living rules before marriage.

It is time for Aspyn and Mitch to take dance lessons for their wedding and they have chosen “Dream A Little Dream” as their first dance. It leads the Brown wives and Kody to reflect on their moments of dancing at ceremonies and his first dances with Madison and Mykelti. At the house, Meri decides she needs to have a conversation with Christine so she calls her over. Their last private one was after Axel’s birth and it was quite aggressive on Christine’s behalf. She was condescending and almost rude. Kody says the two used to have a super fun friendship but that has since changed and it is really hard for everyone. They acknowledge they have a lot to work on and Meri feels Christine does not feel comfortable with her around. Christine confesses once she had Truely (season 1), she drew back a lot and became devoted to being a mom. Even her relationships are superficial with her other wives.

At one point, Christine went to Meri for advice for advice on what to do with Kody and Meri wishes she could have helped more. But, she admits she has RBF constantly and that is just who she is and that makes her really human! Audrey and Mariah are in town for a huge announcement which the wives really want it to be marriage, especially Christine. Kody is worried because this is the first person Mariah has ever date then Meri and Christine chime in with the fact he was the first person either one of them dated so this theory is out the window. The family is gushing over baby Axel and cannot believe he is almost one, especially Mykelti who is dying to have a kid. However, her husband, Tony reminds her they have a plan and they are waiting. Mariah is ready for her announcement so they phone in Robyn and Kody as they are in Arizona on a trip with her daughters, trying to get them amped on the idea of moving. The announcement is Mariah got into Loyola in Chicago so they will be moving there; she will be getting her masters in social work and social justice so a summer in Vegas then off to Chi-town. They did acknowledge an engagement would be coming at a later date.

It is now time for Christine and Kody to go to Flagstaff now that Robyn has gone with Kody. This is a ploy for Kody as he gets to show Christine where he wants to live but, for her, it is her special birthday trip. Luckily, Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn took the idea of moving really well and right now, or when the show was filmed, the big Las Vegas shooting had just happened and Christine was scared she could no longer protect her kids. Some were supposed to go to that show so it is even scarier. But, Flagstaff does have a price but Kody won’t back down so his rationale is not working either way. Time for Janelle to talk to her kids about the big move as she says she does really like Flagstaff but her biggest concern in Gabriel. She has been down this road before with her other kids before they moved to Vegas and does not want it to happen again. Gabriel is an athlete and has a girlfriend; Janelle feels he is not happy but not depressed but the joke seems to be on her because he does not want to leave by any means. He loves his wrestling team and scholarships and asks if he can stay with Maddie and Caleb to which his mom says no.

Maddie looks at her mom and asks if they are really serious about this and set on the idea. Janelle has loved being with Maddie and her grandson and no one knew how serious Kody and the wives were about leaving. Gabe just lettered in wrestling and he was on track to be varsity team captain senior year so this is ridiculous to him. He asks if he can run away but they say no and he just wants to be acknowledged for his hard work. In Flagstaff, Christine and Kody are looking at homes, which is what Robyn had done. This is the realtor’s first polygamist clients but she is happy to welcome them. The hardest decision is how big the home can be; will it be multiple homes or one home? Meri decides to go talk to Robyn and her daughters about Flagstaff and see how they felt and they loved it. But, Robyn does admit that her home in Vegas was the first she bought on her own. Plus, the idea of living in rentals again is terrifying to everyone as Arizona is going to be more expensive than they had anticipated. There’s now an urgency with the last location they found as there was a huge price reduction but all of the wives must agree. Meri is more of a city person so she may be the only holdout. Next week, Kody and Meri head to Flagstaff! You can catch the show every Sunday on TLC at 8pm!

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