Previously On…Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 Catch-Up and Episode 5 Live Recap!

You may or may not have heard of “Seeking Sister Wife,” as the curiosity of the polygamist lifestyle has somehow taken over. Most recently on “Sister Wives,” Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Aspyn became engaged to a boy named Mitch. As it turned out, his sister, Vanessa just happened to be one of the wives featured on SSW. Season two is now on episode five but here is what you may have missed since it started and a quick introduction to the families.

  • The Snowdens: Ashley and Dimitri are a spiritually bound couple who are looking for a new addition to their family. They pursued someone in season one but that was a fail so this time around, they have Vanessa who is super laid back and their kids adore her. She has bonded with Ashley, who calls the shot almost as much as Dimitri but is firm in her meat-loving ways and does not seem to want to back down. She has shared her love for the whole family but is she ready to leave Seattle for a life in Atlanta to be a committed sister wife?
  • The Alldredges: Jeff is married to both Vanessa and Sharis and they just moved to South Dakota with one goal- to find a third wife. They have been ghosted before and finally met up with Jennifer in Niagara Falls. She was a young but fun one who went on a solo date with Jeff but at the end of it, she was caught smoking and had an emergency, leading her to end the date early. Though she said she wanted to keep seeing the family, her abrupt exit left viewers thinking she was just not that into Jeff or polygamy and maybe just wanted the screen time but we will find out.
  • The Winders: Colton is married to Sophie and Tami and together, they have one daughter. They are at the point where they are trying to expose their controversial lifestyle out in the world but are taking super baby steps in doing so. Along with coming out as a plural family, something Sophie grew up in, they are looking to add another wife in. They are also crazy robotic and frightening on many levels.
  • The McGees: Paige and Bernie have four children as well as a few grandkids and, at 40/41, they have decided to leave their RV for a home to actively pursue a second wife who is willing to have more kids. The problem is Paige feels she is not always involved in Bernie’s dating decisions and his flirtations via text. The two kids still at home also are not too keen on the idea of having another mom and this lifestyle. I do not think they are quite cut out for this lifestyle so either they will have to find a happy medium or go their separate ways.

So, there are the four families trying to add on and work out their issues one episode at a time. Paige has seen some texts between Bernie and another woman which make her feel super uncomfortable. He is sexting and the woman says she can please a man but Paige still has no idea how to look for a second wife and says she wants to keep a check on the women not him. He says he needs to woo the women and will have to be affectionate on some dates. He says he does not want to hurt her but there is always the “what if” question. For Ashley’s birthday, Dimitri flew her and her Mama Donna to California but then he surprised her by joining along with Vanessa, the potential sister wife. Mama Donna gave her blessing and with that, the couple have decided they will ask Vanessa if she would like to move in with them from her home in Seattle. At the same time, Ashley throws out the idea of all of them moving to California. Dimitri does not need much to move his business but he is not as sure as Ashley that Vanessa will want to move just yet.

If you have yet to doze off, it is time for the Winder family to sing some hymns and such. Second wife, Sophie, has yet to have a child but they still want to actively seek another wife and now the idea has come up for them to move in together and co-habitat much more. Sophie also proposes they meet people similar to them and though Tami is hesitant, she says she was not ready when Sophie came but it was God’s will. Vanessa is now in town again to see the Snowden’s and they ask if she would ever live in California. She says it is a great place to visit and has considered it in the past but loves Seattle. Dimitri says they want to move to California to be closer to Vanessa but then ask her if she would like to move to Cali with them. She is clearly taken aback and needs a little time to decide. It seemed like Ashley and Dimitri wanted the answer ASAP and Vanessa appeared to want more time but she took a breath and said she wanted to go wherever they were headed. According to Dimitri’s Twitter, he is officially living in California and Vanessa says she feels like she won the “life lottery.”

Paige and Bernie are walking their dog and they are checking in about the whole sexting issue. It is all okay but they are talking about ladies they have been talking to and Brandy has been their favorite despite her not wanting to have kids. This leads them to question if they should have a third sister wife. Ummm…they are having enough trouble as it is finding a second wife. They call Brandy and talk to her about the whole children issue to see if it is a deal breaker and she says she does not want to have any more kids. Like Paige, she is looking for a sister so that may be what pushes them forward into a relationship. They ask if she would like to come meet with them and she says yes so they are preparing for her to come in the near future. The Winder family sets up a family photo shoot for their online profile so they can start looking for a third wife. As they are uploading their photos, Tami becomes uncomfortable and leaves. She says she is hesitant and it was very hard to bring in a second wife as it is clear Sophie and Colton have truly bonded in a deep way.

Vanessa comes to toast Ashley and Dimitri and their new life in the bedroom and to question what is next for them now that they have this new normal. Though the sexual tension between Dimitri and Vanessa is very high, he made an agreement to Ashley to wait on intimacy but this is proving very hard. Vanessa knows she has to find a new job now that she is leaving Seattle and Dimitri tells her she can stay at home, start a new business, and she jokes she used to love food when Dimitri brings up her opening a restaurant but this has all changed with her meat-free diet. It seems like they are moving a tad fast but Vanessa is ready. Next week, the Alldredges are prepping for Jennifer to come visit, the Snowden family has moved to Cali but are questioning intimacy, the McGee family awaits Brandy’s arrival, and the Winder’s check their online profile. You can watch it every Sunday at 10pm on TLC.

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