Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 12 Live Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Grace and Jack tried to diet while Will helped Karen reunite with her stepdaughter, Olivia. You can catch it all right here.

Jack and Will love they can bike together when Will asks what is in Jack’s pants; he comments he has been dying to ask that for 30 years. Jack promptly pulls out a banana in case he wants a snack later followed by two peaches. As they are chatting, Will reveals he thinks one of his colleagues at the university, Paul, is pretty handsome and may be feeling him but does not know about dating a co-worker. It takes two seconds before they agree Will will pursue him then they start walking and in their bike shoes, they realize they make a tap sound and do a choreographed routine. At Grace’s office, Karen is on the phone with the First Lady who is trying to fix her up with someone new but she does not feel she is ready. After a long chat about Grace’s past and divorce from Leo, Karen agrees to go on a date. After she leaves, a big box arrives in which it should be fabric but it is actually Malcolm (Alec Baldwin). Jack reunites with his old acting teacher’s sister, who is now a dog walker and she offers to teach him as this would have been her late sister’s dream. When he finds out his teacher has passed away, he starts balling his eyes out then stops and remembers he knew this.

Paul is teaching next door to Will so Will decides to ask him out. He is shocked because he assumed Will was a rule follower, especially the whole faculty dating being forbidden situation. Will plays it cool and Paul agrees to get drinks with him. Karen comes back from her date upset because he stood her up and confesses Stan and Malcolm were her two true loves. Grace tells her she saw Malcolm and reminds her you don’t cheat in a healthy relationship so maybe she should give him another shot. Jack is getting his lessons and he is being coaxed to not teach and just act and when one of his students comes in, he says he as a teacher is dead and he is now “Just Jack.” Paul meets Will for his date, they almost kiss when Paul’s husband and daughter show up. Will asks if they have an arrangement but they do not and this is a risk Will won’t take.

Malcolm comes out to talk to Karen and Grace tries to leave but he wants her to stay as they have always had a middle man between them. This time, it will be her job and Karen says “in the middle, you resemble a man.” They keep whispering things into Grace’s ear and she must play telephone back and forth, clearly with discomfort and disdain for the two of them so finally she stops. She has no idea how they are functioning in a relationship and wants them to make up but Karen is mad because he told Stan about their affair. He felt he had no choice because Malcolm wanted to be with her. Malcolm walks out then comes back in and they start all over, which is undeniably sweet. Now, Jack’s old teacher is teaching his students and Jack catches her when he comes to ask for his job back. She just wanted to take his job for the insurance. He need a job now that she is manipulating him so well so he takes over her dog walking job. Oh Jack! You can catch the show every Thursday night at 930pm on NBC.

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