Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 16 Live Recap!

Previously On Mom, the women all celebrated Valentine’s Day in different ways. But, only one had a night to remember. You can find out who it was right here.

The ladies are at the coffee shop and are shocked to find out they are given new menus with all new items. The waitress has to take them away as to not scare them. Marjory asks them if they would like to go to the Bonsai Exhibit with her but everyone makes up and excuse but Tammy has a valid one; she is studying for her GED with Bonnie. They have spent many nights at Marjory’s cramming for this test but this is when the lead sponsor learns all of the celery sticks with peanut butter she has been making as snacks for the ladies has been fed to her array of kitties. Christy joins them but Jill does not want to sit next to her because she does not want smoke on her cashmere. Wendy uses this time to give Christy two lungs: a healthy one and a smoker’s lung- it’s gross but it does not sway Christy much.

Tammy and Bonnie are studying for the math portion of the GED. Bonnie is shocked Tammy is having such a hard time as she was really smart when they lived together as foster kids so she proposes Bonnie take it with her. When Christy comes home and shares how tired she is of Wendy accosting her with her future if she keeps smoking. Then, she opens her VISA bill and sees she spent $200 on cigarettes the previous month so she immediately quits cold turkey. This is really hard so when she decides to take out the garbage to get one last fix, her mom pours a drink on it so she has no shot at one last smoke. The next few days are very trying on Christy; she snaps at everyone and Bonnie is no pleasure either when she feels people keep asking her about the GED. And all the ladies are struggling with the new menu at the diner.

Bonnie agrees to take the test with Tammy as she seemingly did very well with the review but everything ticks her off in the test room. Whether it is the clock, someone’s perfume, etc.- she is not having it at all so she moves around the whole room. At the AA meeting, Christy snaps at Jill out of smoker’s stress when Tammy reveals she passed her GED but Bonnie has failed. She explains to everyone what her problems were during the test after Christy says she knew everything and wonders how she forgot. Wendy questions if Bonnie may have ADD which Jill agrees with as does Christy. Bonnie does not want to find out she has something else wrong with her and claims she will end her own life in an electric oven. As they prepare  to leave, Christy runs over to the smokers and tells them to inhale in her face. It is late at night when Christy comes to the kitchen to see Bonnie in front of the computer. Christy is looking in the freezer for a pack of cigarettes she hid in there but Bonnie threw them out. Bonnie is awake researching ADD and was about to take a test when she took Christy’s credit card and bought a new pair of yoga pants. It is clear she most likely has ADD.

Outside of the AA meeting, Marjory catches Christy smoking so she suggests Nicotine Anonymous. Christy decides she will not join anymore groups and the smokers around her laugh when she claims this is her last cigarette. In the AA meeting, Bonnie shares she came from the doctor and she does have ADD. She can take the GED again with special accommodations and realizes her life could have been different if someone noticed this sooner. She also says they cannot be mad at her for doing things during their shares because, you know, she has ADD. They all head to the coffee shop after and finally try the new salad and are pleasantly surprised by how good it is with the exception of Bonnie, who blames it on her ADD. Christy gets ready to go smoke when Wendy gives her a gift. They all chipped in and bought her nicotine gum. You can catch the show every Thursday night on CBS at 9pm.

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