Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 2 Live Recap!

Previously On the season nine premiere of RHOBH, we met new housewife, Denise Richards, Kyle had a pool party, and we started to see the demise of Vanderpump’s relationships with the ladies. You can catch up with the entire premiere right here.

Vanderpump and Kyle are going out for the day to have some cosmetic procedures done so they can look and feel refreshed. Lisa will be getting fillers in her neck and laughing gas will be the way to relax her though she is using it like a hookah as Kyle films her. Lisa is loving her time with Kyle because she is in desperate need of a laugh but only  time will tell how this all unravels. Erika is out meeting Rinna and Dorit for lunch but the fashion leaves something to be desired. Rinna and Dorit are shocked to see Erika order a beer in a bottle but now back to Dorit’s robbery and her dog she returned. They all say they need a girls getaway because of all of the stress they have been through, mainly Dorit, so they start throwing around places like Lake Tahoe but then the idea of the Bahamas comes up. Dorit thinks it will be a great chance for everyone to reconnect and hash out their issues. We now go to newbie, Denise’s home where she is with her daughters and boyfriend, Aaron. She has two teenage daughters, Sami and Lola from her marriage to Charlie Sheen as well as an adopted daughter, Eloise. The Richards’ family is new to Malibu and Aaron has moved in with the girls and they have been together for over a year, having met at his clinic. Sami wants to date, being 14 but she has to call her dad first. He says he trust her judgment so she laughs at her mom.

Dorit tells PK she is considering a girls trip but he is shocked she would invite Teddi after the whole puppy incident. They have had so many issues but she wants to move past all of that; what a gem and she will be inviting LVP because PK loves her. Rinna and Teddi are going on a hike and they see this huge rattlesnake; apparently, Rinna’s hubby, Harry won’t kill them so to see them in their natural habitat is amazing for these ladies. Teddi is sharing how her business has grown and how she did a small part in a movie. She had always wanted to be an actress but had gained a lot of weight when she moved out to California and would only be sent out to auditions if she lost weight. That’s when she gave it up and just kept eating because that was her comfort; now, she is an accountability coach and living her best life to inspire other women.

Kyle goes to visit Mauricio at The Agency where they are both complaining of ailments: he has a bad neck and she still has her wonky eye but she admits she is a hypochondriac. She says it is because her daughter, Sophia is leaving. Mauricio reminds her that both Farrah and Alexia, her other two daughters, left but came back so it could happen again. Mauricio even stayed sleeping in an odd position with their youngest daughter, Portia so he could savor the moment but Kyle cannot think about the future. She has empty nest syndrome and still has a child at home plus puppies. Rinna is feeding her pups when she goes to see daughter, Amelia whose puppy is trying to nurse. They are talking about a mother/daughter duo Amelia saw who she believed to be suffering from an eating disorder as she battled anorexia over a year ago. They knew there was a problem but were not quite sure what it was then she started watching eating videos and Rinna thought this was odd. Rinna shares what Teddi went through as an actress and how she ended up gaining weight when people wanted her to lose weight. Rinna is so proud how Amelia came out with her disorder and how inspirational she is to others. This is a girl to watch.

Kyle is going to the Bahamas but she tells Sophia she wants to spend time with her before she leaves. Her daughter reminds her she will be hanging out with her friends so it is no big deal. Over at Rinna’s, she is having cocktail hour and pastry tasting with the ladies since Harry Hamlin is out of town. Vanderpump opts out because she is emotionally exhausted so she says she has something to do with Giggy though she is going to eat with Ken. She asks him if she should go away with the ladies as she has never been to the Bahamas and he says it is a “must” she go. She says he must keep Giggy with him at all times as he now needs a pacemaker which is so sad for the couple because this is their little love, part of their life. Ken points out LVP loves Dorit but she does have some issues with her after the whole pup issue so she thinks she does need this trip and will go.

The pastry class begins at Rinna’s and he gives everyone chocolate hearts to fill and Denise starts to mock it. After, they are all at the table talking about the Bahamas trip where they say Teddi has to come as she has yet to respond to the invite. They start talking to Denise about her boyfriend, Aaron and how he is still married to Nicollette Sheridan who was once married to Harry Hamlin but she left him for Michael Bolton. Aaron has been going through his divorce for two years but once it is finalized, he and Denise will marry. Now, it is time for everyone to pack but of course, Erika needs an excessive amount of help to bring fabulous to the Bahamas. They leave at almost 6a.m. and off they go with Camille in tow. Of course, there is a private plane flying them and LVP jokes Dorit did something right for once. Dorit starts to tell the ladies about the trip and the itinerary; everyone has their own room but she would like to share a room with LVP but this does not sit well with Lisa at all and the other women feel shafted for not being invited to room with her. And the drama begins. Next week, Erika and LVP go at it, Teddi and LVP go at it; maybe LVP should have stayed home. You can catch the show every Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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