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Previously On Sister Wives, Aspyn and Mitch announced their engagement while selecting a venue. At the same time, Meri had the grand opening of her bed and breakfast. You can relive all of the excitement right here.

*In between last week and tonight, Meri and Kody’s only daughter, Mariah proposed to girlfriend, Audrey so another wedding to plan!

Kody has wanted to leave Las Vegas for the past three years despite everyone being super settled so he has come up with this over the top presentation. The wives come over and see the easel and immediately know Kody is up to something so he shares why they left Utah in 2011; they were forced out because they were an open polygamist family. He reiterates they were never going to stay in Vegas after they escaped in the middle of the night because of all of the fear. The initial idea of living in Vegas was not desirable but they did not want to risk Kody going to jail or getting in trouble. Kody says he knows the wives do not want to leave, he will not tell them where they will be going but they will go together. He remind the wives they have not had the easiest time between the catfishing and Meri buying the bed and breakfast, think she will leave. He also knows there needs to be a plan for the kids as his youngest kid is two and he is 50; he also wants to create equity. Janelle has no desire to move back to Utah but Kody has this grand idea about running for office to change the laws. This baffles Meri as they have never heard him even talk about running for office but Janelle goes back into Mama Bear mode saying she does not care how much money they lose. They have three kids getting ready to start their junior year of high school and she will not disrupt this.

Janelle has already been through a move with Logan and Hunter and remembers how difficult it was. She knows how hard it was on all of her kids and this could happen again with Gabriel who could be just like them. Christine is worried about Gwendlyn who is running from class Historian and does not want to have her daughter shut down; this applies to Gabriel, as well whose grades could plummet, forcing him to lose scholarships. Robyn is playing devil’s advocate but I think she just only cares for Kody. Knowing the other wives are anti-Utah, Kody apologizes to Meri because she has a home in Utah but she has no desire to actually live there. The idea is to move now so the kids have two years at a new school as opposed to moving in their senior year which is killing Janelle since they have only half the kids home so not much manpower to move. Along with that, Gabriel has threatened to run away and he may ask to stay with Caleb and Maddie who actually moved to Vegas to be close to Janelle and she does not want to be away from her grandson. Plus, they have Aspyn and Mitch’s wedding to plan. Is Kody insane?

Robyn is willing to do whatever Kody wants to and the wives are just wasting their breaths because he says he will lead them. But, as we are learning, a year ago, Kody proposed the idea of moving to Robyn and because it was almost her son, Dayton’s senior year, she said no because she wanted to work hard on scholarships with him but she would be open when it came to daughter, Aurora’s junior year. This is coming up and she really does not want to raise her kids in Vegas despite how open and accepting the people have been to them. Away from Kody, the wives meet at Janelle’s because they will be heading to Seattle to meet with Aspyn’s fiance, Mitch’s mom, Hannah. She is a hat designer and will be doing the hats for the whole wedding party. But, before they discuss the travel plans, they are talking about Kody’s bomb he dropped on them. They really want to think about what he is proposing because it is not just husband and wife; it is kids and a few wives. Meri points out that Robyn and Christine want to be close to St. George, Utah which is only two hours away from where they are now so why leave. Robyn says she does not feel she is at home and does not want to retire there or raise her kids but do not penalize everyone else. It’s only a few more years, not forever.

So, Christine knows Hannah as she grew up with her and was best friends with her little sister. Hanna has been single for 20 years now so they are all excited to go on this trip but Janelle wants to just go put on her fuzzy socks and take a nap after the day they have had. Time to go wedding dress shopping with Aspyn and Maddie, Robyn, Christine, and Hannah join her. This is the first polygamist family the bridal consultant has ever worked with and it is noted Mitch is wearing a kilt at the wedding. As Aspyn is trying on dresses, Christine and Robyn lament how they never got to wear long trains or walk down an aisle at their weddings to Kody so now they want to remarry him with fancy dresses. Mitch seems to have his rules as to what Aspyn’s dress should look like, specifically not strapless and Kody feels the same so, though she is the bride, Aspyn is keeping the men in her head. Modest to her is classy so she will go with a dress which may not be her totally. Hannah will design her headpiece and she has special earrings so she is set. Now that the moms are heading to Seattle, Kody will be in control along with the older kids. Christine is trying to explain his tasks and he is zoning out some despite being told this info for days now. Robyn, on the other hand, has nothing but praise for Kody’s parenting skills.

This will be Robyn’s first time away overnight from her daughter, Ari so this is a little odd for her but she is excited to be sleeping alone. Kody heads to Janelle’s home and she feels lucky because her two kids are (at the time) 16 and 13 so they are pretty independent. Janelle is ready to be free and run as is Meri, who loves Seattle. When they get there, Janelle says she hates going to a ladies lunch but lunching in another state is fun. They start talking about the move when Christine says she decided to plant her garden despite the possibility of leaving it all behind. A big issue is finding four homes right next to each other. Christine proposes they sell the homes and stay in rentals in Vegas for at least a year while they wait for a big decision. She shares she will stay behind with her kids because Gwendlyn won class Treasurer; this involved praying and a three-day fast. She told Kody this was her decision to stay behind and he came back to tell her no. Retracing the past, the family moved a lot pre-kids and most of them, Janelle was not in favor of and often, stayed behind. She admits they were not in a good place for a very long time in their marriage. When they all moved to Vegas, the moms had more kids at home and now the needs have changed so priorities, especially for Janelle, are so different.

The idea of moving to St. George, Utah sounds promising but it is Utah which holds the problem. They all agree Seattle is amazing but wonder how having small kids in busy streets would work. Hannah did it as a single parent so they are super impressed. Time to look at hats and they all love Hannah’s studio though Kody has said he is not sure how he feels about hats at the wedding but it is not his day. They have a lot of fun trying on hats and seeing which is the right fit while Janelle shares she has a handful of dresses coming for the wedding so she cannot choose just yet. Now, it is time to go to lunch and it is suggested they all wear hats. Janelle is reluctant but she agrees because she realizes she will stand out more if she does not wear one. Christine shares with Hannah that Maddie is planning the bridal shower and she will make sure she has all of the details and is completely cued in. Janelle says she wants to be Hannah when she grows up; this is classic because she travels and lives this luxurious life. Though she was married in their church, Hannah never had sister wives though she believed she was supposed to. She says she would have liked the friendship but that is it as she did not really get along with her other siblings because she did have multiple mothers.

The wives ask Hannah, who has five kids, how she feels about her kids living plural marriage. Two of them came back to the church and do live plural marriage; she believes she raised smart kids and trusts them to do what is right. Back in Vegas, Kody is still back on his high horse about moving. He feels his teenagers will have the hardest time with the move but he knows the biggest tug will be leaving the adult kids. In Seattle, the wives are going to ride segways. Why not? There is a lot of work that goes into being a sister wife and now they must go home and deal with Kody and his whole moving insanity. Next week, Christine and Meri must work through their drama while Kody and Christine go to Flagstaff, Arizona to look at a new place to live. Gabriel also contemplates running away so you won’t want to miss it. You can catch it every Sunday night on TLC at 8pm.

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