Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 11 Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Jack had to try to mend fences between bestie, Karen and his fiance, Estafan who seemingly hate each other. It came at the worst possible time- Jack’s birthday. You can see how they resolved it all right here.

Will is trying to be more innovative with his new semester because he got some bad professorial comments from his students. Jack tells him he should be more like Judge Judy but Will says he won’t tell him how to do his job if he lays off of him. Jack then realizes he forgot to go to his part-time job, clearly. Grace asks if Jack wants the rest of her cannoli before she put sit in the fridge but then it drops on the floor so they both reach for it and their pants rip simultaneously. Scary and funny. In Will’s class, he introduces thy syllabus via the ukulele but then no one wants to do the mock trial so Will proposes it doing Judge Judy style. They get excited and then the bell rings but a student comes up to Will, knowing him. It turns out to be Karen’s stepdaughter, Olivia. They had a rough relationship and now she will be in Will’s face on the daily. Back at home, Grace and Jack have decided to share each other’s naked bodies to see what needs to be fixed. This won’t end well.

Will shows up at Grace’s office with the diet books she requested and Karen is sitting at her desk with her puppy, both drinking from martini glasses. He reveals Olivia was in the class and Karen says she did not know she was a student there. Karen says Olivia still has her black heart, a piece of jewelry and she wants it back as it was a family heirloom but now Shoo Shoo the dog is her only daughter. Grace and Jack are both on these torturous diets, pretending they are satisfied; Jack won’t even let Grace have a crouton even though she tries to eat them out of the trash. They agree to lick the croutons to get the taste sans calories but Grace does not feel she got the right balance of flavor so they lick basically the whole tin. Jack catches Grace trying to eat a crouton and has to pry it out of her mouth. She then catches him eating the remaining croutons off of the floor.

In Will’s class, he is dressed up like Judge Judy but the students are not amused until Karen comes in and demands her necklace back from Olivia. Now, they have an actual case to try in class. Karen once grounded Olivia for not drinking enough, she calls Rosario to the stand despite her being deceased, Rosario was shocked Karen would even do something so nice as to give away a nice piece of jewelry. Karen says Olivia probably does not know where the necklace is but Olivia was actually still wearing it. Will sides in favor of Karen because it was handed down by her mom and Olivia slips saying she felt she got it from her mother. This touches Karen, who says she was hurt Olivia never called after the divorce but Olivia feels this is the parents job because they were both at fault. Her mom died when she was really young, it was so dark but Karen made it colorful and drunk; Olivia wanted to be her. Karen hands back the necklace.

Time for Jack and Grace to weigh each other after peeing three times and subtract a handful of pounds for clothes and such. Grace does not know why they are torturing each other with a scale when they are Disneyland skinny and have guys who love them. They do hate the fact that Will can’t gain weight at their age. Just be happy with who you are as long as you are healthy. “Will and Grace” airs Thursday nights at 930pm on NBC!

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