Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 15 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Christy became obsessed with getting the approval of her sponsor, Nora while Jill’s home was burglarized but she she may have found a new love interest in the process. You can check out all of the excitement right here!

*Special exciting note: “Mom” has been renewed for two more seasons so yayyyyy!*

Wendy cannot go out with the girls because she has a heart transplant on Valentine’s Day while Jill has her first date with her security guard, Andy. The girls are worried about Marjory because it is first holiday without Victor as he passed away earlier in the season but she assures everyone she has a date with herself and “Notting Hill.” Tammy has a date with her Uber driver fella so this leaves Christy and Bonnie alone now that Adam’s bar is booming. This is just what Christy wanted; a romantic holiday dinner with her mother aka a dream come true. Bonnie takes Christy to a nice restaurant where the waiter thinks they are a couple but Bonnie won’t shut it down, wanting him to believe she landed a girl half her age. At the dinner, Bonnie reveals she was in the Peace Corps and has a gun shot wound in her butt. Jill is on her date with Andy and he cannot picture her being an alcoholic. He asks if she owns bowling shoes and though she does not, she is excited she can shop for them. Tammy is thrilled to be on her Uber date and under her seat is a rose, something she has never gotten before but he lets her know to get used to it.

Marjory is settling in for a private nice night at home when Tammy calls, terrified Urie wants to have sex since she has not been back in the groove for seven years due to prison. She’s scared to have sex and fall in love or be abandoned but Marjory makes it all better and then Wendy calls to make sure she is not lonely. At the restaurant, Christy and Bonnie notice a couple getting engaged gets a free dessert so they plant to do the same thing when Christy reveals she has given up on love. She says it is Bonnie’s fault thought Bonnie felt they were past this blaming it all on mom. This could be a problem. Jill runs into an old friend at the restaurant and when Andy walks away to check in on their table, the friend asks if Jill is on a date with him. She says “god no” but Andy hears this and she explains her friend is used to her dating a certain type so he leaves her money and hopes that type shows up. At Christy and Bonnie’s dinner, Bonnie is still mad she is being blamed for Christy’s mistakes so she says she can either go smoke or stab her mom. Bonnie puts her hand down so she can get stabbed but Christy goes to smoke.

Tammy tells Urie she cannot have sex with him and he is happy that he can spend more time with her laughing and getting to know her and this makes her so hot, they do it in the car. Jill goes to Marjory’s to vent about how she threw a guy she really liked to the curb for fake friends from her country club just because she was scared of being judged. She gets up to go when Bonnie calls Marjory for advice on Christy. Now, it is time to listen to why Christy is scared to be in love and she says she never saw a really healthy relationship growing up. Bonnie admits everything her daughter is saying is true. Bonnie reassures her she will be in a relationship sooner rather than later because she deserves it, they decide to stay for dessert, and Christy fake proposes to her mom for the chocolate souflee. Jill shows up at Andy’s door to apologize and tell him she has not liked someone this much in a very long time. He shuts her down because he can feel she is still shallow in her own ways and that is sad because she is a sweet girl.

Wendy shows up to Marjory’s where everyone but Tammy has gathered but no one is allowed to speak until “Notting Hill” is over. They are all whispering about their evenings where Christy and Bonnie reveal they are engaged, Wendy’s heart she was working on is beating, Andy and Jill are over, and Tammy storms in to announce she had sex. Marjory walks to Victor’s urn to let him know she will never be alone. You can catch the show every Thursday night at 9pm on CBS.

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