Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Finale- The Morning After

Previously On the season nine finale of RHONJ, so much went down. In case you need to catch up on last week’s episode and even watch the Bravo aftershow, we have that all right here for you. But, let’s just dive right into the epic finale, shall we. It was time to get ready for Bill and Jennifer’s anniversary party and to celebrate 16 years of marriage, Jenn wanted to have a red party. Usually they travel but she will be in Turkey for much of the summer for her brother’s wedding to Melda so a party seemed fitting and everyone will wear red. How appropriate since Margaret threw red wine at Danielle in Cabo so we know there won’t be any staining. Teresa and Danielle go shopping for party dresses and it is still near impossible to believe Teresa is so blinded to her friend’s wicked ways. Why is she so desperate to be friends with this lady? It defies comprehension in so many ways but off to a more pleasant girls day out. Jackie takes her mother for a make over; though she has always been low maintenance and wanted to be known for her smarts, it is time she realizes brains and beauty can walk hand in hand. While mama is prepping to get her hair colored, Jackie reveals she finally reached out to her sister and her mom is stunned. She hopes this news to be true and is beyond thrilled. She is about to get an even bigger shock when her new look is revealed and she looks 10-20 years younger and fabulous.

Melissa has a heart-to-heart with Joe about his constant demeaning of her profession and gender roles around their daughter, Antonia who is almost 13. She does not want him to undermine the fact that she owns a boutique and believes their children can be whatever they want, whether it is hard labor or decorating a clothing store. He agrees because he loves his wife. Margaret is still determined to get her former stepson, Brett and ex-husband, Jan talking again but she really needs to leave it alone before it is 3/3 kids who do not speak to her. Just enjoy the relationship she has with Brett and move on with it. He loves her and that is all that matters for the time being. Dolores is at one of her flipped homes with Frank and reveals she is going to start looking for her own apartment. She just needs to get away and start a new life for herself. That is fair because, as much as she loves Frank, she does see she needs to do something for herself for once. I still have hope for them. Jennifer and Bill take their five kids out to dinner and it is a hot mess, especially when Bill calls his wife out on spoiling the kids. He says it is his job to work and provide and her job to discipline. The two older children tell their dad they are tired of him never being around and Twitter compared it to a scene from RHOC and Terry and Heather Dubrow (except I could actually stand them). Bill agreed to be home much more but we will see how long this lasts.

It is time to get ready for the red party but first, Melissa must do a DNA so she can send it out and hopefully find some links to another sister. Danielle asks Teresa if she will have her back at the party even though Tre said she is cool with Marge to which she says yes. Jenn gets a custom made dress and there is hookah, food galore, gambling, belly dancers; it really is glamorous. The clicks are somewhat divided but everyone tries to be civil. Joe Gorga does have a hard time seeing the tension between Danielle’s husband, Marty and Marge’s husband, Joe as they were once good friends. But, Marty talked a lot of smack about Margaret and how she could never compare to Danielle, almost causing a brawl at Milania’s music debut so that’s a hard thing to let go. The ladies do talk about Danielle when she is not around and of course Teresa has to tell her everything they were saying. Pot stirrer for your friend’s big night. Outside, by Jenn’s pool, the two Joe’s are with Marty and he is still going on about how Margaret could never compare to Danielle’s beauty and on and on. Margaret comes out and soon, Marty is in the pool! Some missed it while many of the housewives just needed popcorn for the free entertainment. When Jenn found out what happened, she was shocked this occurred at her party while Danielle was concerned with his wet suit, wet phone, etc. Melissa, Jackie, and Margaret all left together and Dolores seemed to come along. Teresa, of course, stayed behind and as we learned at the very end, Juicy Joe will be deported. Next week, the reunion begins and it is bound to be epic! What did you think of season 9? Here is a preview of the reunion and don’t forget to watch it Wednesday nights at 9pm on Bravo.



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