Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Finale What to Expect!

It is finally the season nine finale of RHONJ, which has seemingly come way too fast! Last week, the women were finishing up their trip to Cabo and the last dinner where Margaret threw red wine at Danielle after she talked smack about her kids. It is just a rule: you do not talk about the children; they are off-limits but Danielle has no filter so she did not care what she said. Margaret left with Jackie and went back to their room while the rest stayed behind and Danielle threw a glass in retaliation. Melissa was trying to explain Danielle hit below the belt and was unsure if it was Danielle or Jennifer who threw the glass so drunk Jen came out and smashed a glass and showed the stem to Melissa. All hell broke loose and Jen shared if she had thrown a glass at Melissa, she would know. Super tough guy right here. Dolores jumps in, broken glass in hand and reads Jen the riot act because her behavior is out of control. Melissa chose to walk away and went back to her room but ended up talking to Teresa one-on-one about the whole situation because she could not believe what had ensued but more than that, the fact Tre chose to side with Danielle. She also believes Margaret is the one with bad energy but clearly, she is not paying an ounce of attention on this vacay. It is really time to get back home on one of the most unrelaxing trips in housewives history.

At home, Jennifer clearly has to fill husband, Bill in on what she did when she was in Cabo. He will see it on television sooner or later or hear about it at the red party so she might as well soften the blow. She also shares Margaret’s’ accusation about Bill having a side chick then inquires if he is mad and he just tries to laugh it off. I take it he has seen this side of Jen before and is just happy he has the pool house to escape to. Realizing some crazy stuff went down in Cabo, Margaret and Tre meet up for lunch where Marge reminds Tre she does not even drink so she had to use Dolores’ red wine to throw at Danielle. It seems Tre will never fully understand Margaret’s side or point and still has amnesia over all of the stuff Danielle has done to her in the past but, for now, they are getting along. This is good because Marge has her big hospital heroes gala coming up and everyone needs to band together for this.

Jackie has long talked about her estranged sister she has not spoken to in 15 years and finally decides to give her a call. She does answer though viewers only hear what Jackie has to say. Jackie shares with her husband that her sister wants to catch up and have their kids get together soon. Twitter was speculating the sister never actually answered but her response was she wanted to be off-camera and she did in fact answer the phone and everything was super genuine. Over with Dolores and Frank, he brings up his chat with Tre about whether or not he is holding back his ex from having a more serious relationship. It just seems super clear this is a couple that is meant to be- with his hall pass being Teresa. At Marge’s gala (which has sparked some controversy over the idea that maybe she stole the idea but either way, let’s raise awareness), she has invited her ex-husband, Jan and her step-son, Brett to see if they can reconnect but no such luck. Jen is able to apologize to Dolores and Melissa and get some sort of resolution for the time being and just in time for the red party anniversary of Bill and Jennifer.

Tonight, the season nine finale airs and it is about to get even crazier. Marty gets thrown into the pool by Marge’s husband so I think this speaks for itself. The finale airs at 9pm on Bravo!



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