Previously On…Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers – And the Winner Is…

Tonight, the winner of the second round of “Celebrity Big Brother” will be announced. It has been an exciting few weeks with many twists, turns, alliances, fights, and more. In case you forgot how it all began, here are the original celebrity house guests who Julie Chen Moonves welcomed into the house this season:

  • Ryan Lochte– Olympian
  • Dina Lohan– momager
  • Tamar Braxton– reality star/performer
  • Tom Green– comedian/actor/reality star
  • Joey Lawrence– actor/singer
  • Kato Kaelin– ummmm, OJ Simpson, anyone? 1994 calling, anyone?
  • Ricky Williams– former NFL player
  • Lolo Jones– Olympic athlete
  • Kandi Burruss– singer/reality star/entrepreneur
  • Natalie Eva Marie– former WWE wrestler/reality star
  • Anthony Scaramucci– former WH Director of Communications
  • Jonathan Bennett– TV host/actor

Jonathan Bennett was the first to leave with Scaramucci being the big beginning twist in the house as he left within days of moving in, claiming he was never a “real house guest.” So much has happened that has led us to tonight, the final night. The final five remaining are Tamar, Kandi, Lolo, Dina, and Ricky with the latter being Head of Household. The nominees for eviction are Dina and Kandi and Lolo won the Power of Veto yet opted not to use it. A lot will happen this evening so get ready to have your head spinning. The two-hour finale begins at 9pm on CBS so do not miss it. We will have the winner here as soon as he/she is announced!

The Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2 is:

  • Tamar Braxton with a unanimous vote

The Winner of America’s Favorite Player is:

  • Tom Green

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