Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Premiere Live Recap!

Previously On RHOBH, it was all about make-ups and friendships ending. In case you need to catch up before the big season nine premiere tonight, we have it all right here.

It all started with Kyle getting into it with Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken as well as Lisa and promptly being thrown out of their house. Then, we fast forward two months earlier and everyone is just going on with their daily lives. Kyle has sent out an invite for a pool party and everyone is seemingly invited, including Dorit who affectionately refers to her as Auntie Kyle.” Teddi and her family have moved into a house her husband, Edwin had been admiring and she loves it. Plus, her business as an accountability coach is booming so she is juggling all of her gigs: mom, wife, and boss lady but she is doing it. Rinna and her two daughters, Delilah and Amelia go to goat yoga and I am thoroughly obsessed with everything about this. Delilah had moved to NYC for a year but now has decided to come back home and her parents are super proud of her because she used to have debilitating anxiety, she could not leave the house. Now, she has made major leaps and bounds so coming home is just fine for Rinna and Harry.

Giggy, Vanderpump’s beloved dog, has been sick, in an incubator and such so she is terrified at the thought of losing him. She just lost her brother three months prior to suicide and it is just too much for her right now; she believes it was a cry for help that went horribly wrong. He was actually the one who introduced Lisa and Ken and she feels like this was something she was never ready for so she threw herself right back into work. It seems it was all she could do. Teddi comes over and Kyle is flipping out over her eye; she confesses she has Generalized Anxiety Disorder so she always thinks the worst of everything. Teddi will probably balance her out and they work out together. They talk about the house and all of the additions she and Mauricio have made as she almost wanted to leave the home. It was burglarized shortly after they bought it and at the reunion, Kyle said they may leave it. But, Teddi’s husband completed the whole security system and she feels much safer in the home.

Dorit comes over to Erika’s to gossip and shares she and PK were robbed when they were away. The robbers got everything and it sounds very similar to the Kyle robbery so Dorit went to Utah to get away and climb a mountain. The only thing the robbers left was a horrid necklace PK got Dorit. She can laugh about it like it was nothing but moving on. Teddi’s daughter loves dogs and really wants one so once a week, they go to Vanderpump Dogs and play with the pups. It looks like Teddi will now be doing a charity event for Vanderpump’s pet association. Kyle is walking around the pet place when some of the staff ask her if she recognizes a puppy, which she doesn’t. Long story short, the pup was one Dorit adopted and it was not a good fit for the Kemsley family. She bit the kids and bit PK so it ended up at a shelter. Because the dog was microchipped, the shelter called Vanderpump Dogs and alerted them they had one of their dogs. Lisa continued to defend Dorit though she does not want to talk about it because she does not want to think Dorit would do something like drop a pup at a shelter. Then, Lisa goes at Kyle about not being at a restaurant opening and they start going back and forth as it was not Lisa’s party but it seems like Lisa just wants to be mad at Kyle.

Kyle feels Lisa sides with those who are hurtful but will turn her back on Kyle for no reason. Teddi tries to let Lisa know how sensitive Kyle is and acknowledges how she ribs her friend; Teddi notes if they are all friends, what does it matter and then Lisa cries and hugs Kyle. Teddi tries to tell Lisa not to hold everything in and the ladies let her know it is okay to feel sad and depressed after losing her brother. And now, the grand arrival of new housewife, Denise Richards, coming over for snacks at Rinna’s. Dorit is joining as is Erika and they are talking about how Rinna and Denise met when they were modeling and the movies they did. Erika asks about Charlie Sheen and fangirls a little bit over some of Denise’s acting roles. Dorit, PK, Vanderpump, and Ken all meet up for lunch where we learn PK shaves his hands and his arms. After briefly addressing Lisa’s brother’s death, Lisa brings up the dog incident because she has been defending the couple constantly so she wants to make sure they did not do anything intentionally. Dorit admits she did not look at the contract with a fine tooth comb, PK says they should have just brought the pup back to VD, and Lisa reveals people are gossiping about it. One of the guys who works at Vanderpump Dogs is very close with Teddi and shared the incident when it happened but it is coming off as though Teddi is the gossip. She is not! She said nothing to Kyle and it was told to her at the pet place with Teddi saying she keeps her mouth shut.

Now it is time for Kyle’s big party and she shares she was part of a mom group back in the day which included Denise Richards and her ex-boyfriend was best friends with Charlie Sheen. It all comes full circle. This is the first time Kyle has been able to celebrate in the new house because the robbery happened right after they moved in; even Camille shows up. Dorit is nice to Teddi but admits she has to act because there are people and kids around. Kyle even feels an elephant in the room but does not want to put Dorit in an awkward position. It is also awkward because their kids want to hang out but they don’t really like each other; Dorit does not even follow Teddi on social media. Then, Teddi accidentally says “Winning” which was Charlie Sheen’s catch phrase and everyone laughs. She feels like an idiot but Denise is super chill about it; she knows her ex-husband is cray. And that is all for the season premiere of RHOBH, which airs every Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo!

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