Previously On…Sister Wives Season 13 Episode 3 Live Recap!

Previously On Sister Wives, Meri invited a fellow catfished friend to town while she moved forward with her bed and breakfast plans, despite not telling Kody and her sister wives. You can keep up with all of the drama right here.

It is setting in that Meri finally owns her bed and breakfast and now she has a lot to do to prep for the grand opening. At the same time, Aspyn (Christine and Kody’s daughter) is very much in love with her boyfriend of nine months, Mitch. They met nine years ago but there was nothing going on, at least on his end but reunited at a march almost a year ago and she called him the next day. They immediately started dating but it was mostly long distance and now, he is moving to Vegas to live with Caleb and Maddie. The family is helping him move in and it is so cute how he is just so honest he moved all the way there just for his love. He has family in polygamy but there is no word if Mitch and Aspyn will live this life as she seems content just being with him. Mitch says he is open to it but Aspyn just does not want that lifestyle so good for her for speaking her mind. It is a very uncomfortable conversation Aspyn is clearly not happy having at all.

Christine and Kody’s daughter, Ysabel has scoliosis and it is a big issue. They have sent her to a camp for help with special spine exercises, the doctor monitors it but it is not getting better. Ysabel is in pain, has no social life, won’t wear tight shirts for the fear her curve will show and the next option is surgery but Kody is totally against it. He says it is giving him anxiety and asks Ysabel how often she is often she is doing the exercises because he does not want to go to the doctor anymore. She says 80 percent of the time which he claims is a D but in mathematical terms, it is really a B-. The doctor does an X-ray and it comes back pretty much the same as the last time Ysabel was there so no big concern. He still feels she will need surgery down the line but for now, she is stable. They share the news at a family dinner and Aspyn follows it up with her engagement announcement. Kody is thrilled as are the four moms but Christine jokes no one wants to get married in Vegas. It comes out Aspyn seemingly pressured Mitch into proposing but she is a great girl and kissed him before he even put the ring on her.

Kody asks if he will be a monogamous Mitch but he still has the look like he won’t do it. Since the couple is getting married in June, the family heads back to Utah to look at venues. Kody mentions he has 11 daughters, Aspyn being the third to get married so weddings are not going to be inexpensive undertakings. Aspyn wants to elope whereas Mitch wants to have a grand wedding. Outside of one of the venues, the Browns are talking about how much fun they are at dancing and how great they are, especially Kody. He is actually accused of flirting with Mitch’s mom, Hanna. They start to look at the venues and it is all about cost and what is included. They could spend time working on the wedding or someone could do everything for them and this is what they have found at the last venue. It costs roughly 15K but she loves it though Janelle and Christine point out Maddie and Mykelti’s weddings may not have been all-inclusive but with all of the add-ons, it was close to 15K. One expense Kody does not want to deal with is liquor as he is fine with wine and beer but no hard alcohol. He does not care for drunk people but Aspyn wants champagne and an open bar so everyone feels welcomed. Kody also does not want to short change any of his other daughters but all of the wives, Mitch, and Aspyn love this place so they agree to do what it takes to make it happen, especially Meri.

It is now time for Meri’s big day at her bed and breakfast: the grand opening and the family is rushing around to get there but they are all pretty much in the dark as to what she is planning. Kody is feeling lost because, out of the four houses, he cannot find all of the pieces to his outfit. Robyn is starting to stress because she just wants to get to Utah to help Meri get ready for the opening. Everyone is so scattered, it is a hot mess. They finally make it, including Mariah, who has seen the house when she was a little kid. She did graduate college and is taking a year off before furthering her education. Meri’s mom, Bonnie is loving living in the bed and breakfast but Kody believes Bonnie should be running the business since it will be too hard for Meri to do it from afar. As Meri is giving the kids a tour, she shares one of her grandmother’s ghosts has been spotted. Love this.

It is the grand opening and the launch of the website for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn so Meri is ready, or as ready as she can be, to be a business owner. Kody starts talking to Mariah about how much he wants to move back to Utah where all of his friends are and wants to run for office. This makes Mariah laugh because it was a place that shunned him in so many ways. He really just wants to be seen and put up a fight as he feels like an alien in Vegas. Could be the four houses and he knows his wives do not want to leave their homes, especially not Christine. The mayor comes to the grand opening and the idea is to keep it a small town while maybe bring some new business with the B and B. Kody was worried about Meri being a polygamist and owning this business but it seems to be okay. Visitors are welcomed in for snacks and drinks and a tour of the home. Mariah says it is not for her but claims she is happy for her mom. Good thing it is not her business, isn’t it now? Kody takes Meri outside to talk and it is super awkward but he does say how impressed he is that she was able to pull it off. She shares she may have a wedding scheduled and he acknowledges he was not always the most positive person through this journey. He tries to tell her he is proud but he has trouble executing it in words. The elephant in the room is Meri is using this home to leave the family but she disputes this concept.

Next time, the wives go to Seattle on a ladies trip, Aspyn tries on wedding dresses, Kody puts on a presentation to convince the wives they are moving but he will not tell them where. You can catch it Sunday evenings at 8pm on TLC.

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