Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 10 Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Will, Jack, and Karen drank some leftover chocolate milk which led them on a crazy trip while Grace’s sister came to town and fell in love with a client. At the same time, Karen had to say good-bye to being Mrs. Stanley Walker. You can catch up with it all right here.

It’s Jack’s birthday but sadly, he has to postpone because Karen and Estafan don’t like each other. He called Karen a hag while she called him a “sky waitress” though he is a flight attendant. Fortunately, Estafan has a long week at work so she has Jack all to herself for his birthday and he has put a tracker on both of them so he knows when they are coming in close contact to one another. Grace and Will pretended they got Jack a unicorn massage chair but Karen got Jack a talking one sooooo… Will comes home from a day of teaching and is fuming because the chair of his department won’t approve him for a full-time position at the school. He thinks Will is just a corporate lawyer who uses this job to brag at cocktail parties, which Grace points out he does do. She tells him he needs to humanize himself and invite this man over. For Jack’s birthday, Karen has taken Jack to the Lily Pond restaurant but when she gets up to go to the bathroom, his phone starts to beep and he realizes Estafan is coming in. He did not want to miss his fiance’s birthday so he traded his shift for another one to be there. He asks why there are two plates so Jack says he sets one every year for Cher. He then tells the waiter to give him two menus because the people he is with hate each other but he has slept with the waiter, Rex and does not remember him. It’s a big ole mess but he is able to work it out. It won’t work out.

At Will and Grace’s, the dean is over and Will is trying to convince him he is a normal guy and Grace is trying to aid him. Then, he receives a call from his wife and within seconds, he is down on the ground, dead. After they call an ambulance, they debate over who should try to retrieve his cell phone. When they finally get it, there is one text and it is regarding Will and his decision about Will. Grace wants to say he is recommended for the position but they keep going back and forth. At the restaurant, Karen gives Jack a fancy watch while Estafan gives him an ascot then the happy birthday songs begin almost simultaneously. Karen and Estafan are face to face and this will not be pretty, just like what has happened at Will and Grace’s. They are able to send the text regarding Will and then the dean pops up; he only passed out, which happens a lot apparently and the hosts are in hot water.

Karen and Estafan are going at it and end up in the water at the restaurant with fighting words. Rex tells them the three of them have to get out of the Lily Pond but Jack says only two people are in the pond then he gets pushed in by his scorned former lover. The dean discovers the text that has been sent plus the one from Grace asking for a campaign donation; he also realizes they had to open his eye to get the retina display to open the phone. The dean tells him he is fired but Will opens up about how much he loves his job and begins to tear up leading the dean to give him a second chance. He says, in return, he must be quiet about the passing out incident. Back at the apartment, Jack, Karen, and Estafan are soaking wet so Jack tells him to go look pretty while he talks to Karen. He realizes Karen is afraid to lose Jack when he gets married. Jack lets her know she is gaining another “homo” for when he is busy. And all is right with the world. “Will and Grace” can be seen Thursday nights on NBC at 930pm.

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