Previously On…RHONJ What to Expect Season 9 Episode 14!

Previously On RHONJ, the women are still in Cabo and it has already been somewhat of an eventful trip, especially between Margaret and Jennifer. When Jen drinks, she gets super rude and obnoxious; you may recall, she insulted the STRONG necklace the ladies had made up for Teresa after she competed in the bodybuilding competition. They gifted it to her their first dinner of vacay and because they did not use Jen’s brother, the jeweler, she said it was ugly and continued her rampage until Margaret commented Jen’s lip liner looked like a “money’s a-hole.” Jen’s retort was “yeah, one that you sucked.” It was Danielle, who is now enemies with Marge, who had to calm Jen down followed by a brainwashed Teresa, who is rooming with Danielle. It is now day two and what could possibly go wrong? Jackie, Dolores, and Marge are lounging by the pool when Dolores reveals she battled an eating disorder just like Jackie. They actually have something in common which is kind of great to see. The chatter turns to a monkey’s butt and what one actually looks like so they can decide if Jen’s lips really do share a similarity. The other ladies, Jennifer, Danielle, Teresa, and Melissa, decide to go shopping and it comes up how Jen’s lips get a little too loose when she drinks. She tries to defend herself but Melissa is not having any of it and tells her she is in the wrong and basically has no filter, which leads her to be mean.

Danielle, still believing in her delusional world that Margaret is the devil who wronged her, decides to bring up Marge’s stepchildren. She claims there is a reason they do not speak to her. This leads Melissa (living for Melissa) to remind her you do not bring up the children. They are off-limits. Danielle says some more useless smack before storming off but she can keep running her mouth; her only puppet is Teresa, which is really sad. Jennifer is also now Danielle’s little puppy/puppet and does not get why everyone does not just love her. Get Hulu and watch the show from the beginning. It is now time for all of the ladies to meet up and trust me, this is the most fun lunch ever. Was it lunch or dinner? There are always cocktails so you never know. The drinks start flowing and after a little banter, Margaret comments about Jennifer’s husband sleeping in the pool house. She snaps back she doesn’t care where he sleeps because she knows he loves her. And then Marge seals the deal by mentioning Bill sleeping with a girlfriend and everyone knows.

Jennifer erupts, screaming Marge better take it back and the way she is doing it leads you to believe she knows Bill is cheating and is almost terrified others have caught on. Not of someone who is secure in her marriage. She did comment she caught his patients loving on him a little too long. Her anger comes from the idea that once it is out there, a rumor like cheating, you can never take it back; it is in people’s heads. This is true but she had such a “you caught him” reaction, it was over the top. She left the table, Danielle following and Margaret admitted she has no proof but she was trying to come after Jennifer because she was pissing her off. When Jennifer returns, Marge does apologize and they go back to eating and Jackie shares she has a special day planned for them which involves riding camels. The women all give it a shot then have a lunch where Joe coming home is brought up. Teresa is very confident he will be back in March but there is still the deportation elephant.

Margaret, Jackie, and Melissa are enjoying the final moments at the pool and are just happy they were roomies while the other ladies are in the spa. It is now time for the final dinner and Jennifer invites all of them to a red-themed anniversary party for her and Bill. They normally go away but will be spending so much time in Turkey because of her brother getting married, they will stay home this time. Melissa goes on to ask how long her brother and his new fiancee have actually spent together and if they have slept together. Eventually, drinks start again and everyone is getting along fine until Hurricane Danielle brings up some smack from earlier and she and Margaret proceed to go at it. It is a mix of everything she and Jen fought about, the relationship between Marge and her kids; it finally gets so heated, Marge throws a glass of red wine at Danielle. Danielle does the same thing back but misses Marge. Teresa says Melissa is drinking Marge’s kool-aid for siding with her while she accuses Tre of doing the same with Danielle. This is true because Marge has not done anything dirty (that we know of) to Melissa whereas Danielle has been a snake to everyone yet Teresa is like putty in her hands. It’s gross.

Melissa thinks it is Jen who threw the glass not Danielle because it came right at her and now the next World War is on as Jackie leaves the table with Marge. Jen is offended she is accused so she smashes a glass and waves the stem and that is when we get a heated Melissa and a To Be Continued…

Tonight, Margaret explains why she really has beef with Danielle (this needs its own episode), Jennifer apologizes to Dolores for her horrific behavior in Cabo, and Melissa and Teresa discuss what went down on the trip. And we finally get to see what happens after the glass smashing incident. Tune in at 9pm on Bravo for all of the excitement you won’t want to miss!



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