Previously On…RHOBH Season 8 and What to Expect Season 9!

Previously On RHOBH, it was all about meeting a new housewife, trying to mend old fences, bringing back old housewives, and pat the puss. Now that season 9 will begin next week, February 12th, we figured we would get you all caught up before the premiere while giving you a sneak peek of what to expect when the hit series returns. You all know the rumors about OG Lisa Vanderpump not filming with the ladies and now, we will finally have some answers as to what went down and if she will return for season 10. We will also meet the newest housewife, actress Denise Richards who just opened up about her youngest daughter’s developmental delays. But, before we jump ahead of ourselves, let’s take a step back to season 8!

It was time for some fresh meat in season eight after Eileen Davidson said good-bye so the show brought on Teddi Mellencamp, daughter of famed musician, John. She is a married mother of two and an accountability coach who tries to live the most down-to-earth lifestyle one can in the BH. She was introduced by Dorit, who met her at a mommy-and-me event. The first episodes of the season really saw the ladies trying to reconnect on a trip to Vegas for a few birthdays. It’s a lot, especially in Vegas but somehow, everyone left with a lighter load and a new friend in Teddi. While this is all happening, crazy busy Erika has started writing her memoir which has caused her to revisit a lot of her past, including an absent father and a tough mom. A big dinner is thrown for Dorit’s birthday but one of her children sees some of the housewives and refers to them as the “bad guys.” At a regular dinner, Dorit starts talking very ill of Lisa Rinna which makes Teddi start to wonder what kind of friend and person Dorit really is. A smile in your face then talk crap about you friend? Vanderpump absolutely loved Teddi, affectionately calling her “Teddi Bear” for their love of horses and such. Like a little pet!

Erika accompanied Rinna and her two model daughters on a trip to Tokyo and they have some real strong female bonding. Back home, Lisa Vanderpump has asked Dorit to pose for her new magazine but Dorit has a temper tantrum and things just are not the way she likes it so, without her knowledge, Lisa pulls the shoot and redoes it. That was the best when Dorit was just blindsided. Dorit also rattled another housewife when she was at a dinner with Camille and a new beau. Camille had just brought this gent around her friends and Dorit had the nerve to call her the C-word. Vanderpump had to tell Dorit she needed to repair this because it would not go away on its own. Down the line, Camille bought Dorit a ball gag which she did not find amusing. I did. Teddi is still trying to fit in so she planned a spa say at her house but the women are so finicky, they did not want any of the treatments so it was a fail. Kyle launched a television show which alienated her sisters and Dorit started up her bathing suit line again, name a suit after the women with the exception of Camille.

It was time for PK’s 50th so Dorit chartered a yacht and flew in all of his friends. On top of that, she sang a song with Boy George, PK’s client, taking on advice from Erika. Yes, they cozied up enough to give advice. But, not everyone is liking Erika as Teddi decides to open up her OC home for a sleep over. Apparently, in the middle of the night, Erika got her period and ended up going to a hotel. This caused the ladies to gossip and it just became so juvenile that Dorit had to fill Erika in on all of it, as if she were totally innocent. The ladies then fly to NYC for Fashion Week where Kyle and Vanderpump go at it and no one is really happy, plus Rinna’s daughter, who has just moved there full-time is homesick. Does it ever end? Of course, there is a girl’s trip to Berlin which has sad and happy moments, for the right reasons. Of course, Dorit gets sick night one for mixing meds. And finally, she launches her swimwear line and at the reunion, Camille gifted Andy Cohen the ball gag Dorit did not want. This season is a little different. Everyone is returning and this includes Denise Richards, who actually gets married on camera. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Rinna (always the party), the return of Brandi (slay!), and the force that is Camille. So pretty much the friends of section! Now, take a look and do not forget to catch the premiere February 12th at 9pm on Bravo!



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