Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 9 Live Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Will went on a date with a hot newscaster and Karen got the ammo she needed to get back at Stan in court. Read about it all here.

The show is back after an extended hiatus and Karen is off to see her divorce lawyer. Grace cannot believe it is really over between Karen and Stan but it is. Then, Grace’s sister, Janet appears claiming her man is cheating on her. Will is hosting a study session for his class when Jack stops by with his wedding rings for him and Estafan. Chelsea Handler is back as a guest star and she is quite demanding; as Grace is going to get her swatches, Janet comes out of the bathroom, asking how dark pee should be. She then hits on Grace’s sister though Janet maintains she is straight until she starts to question. Will finds chocolate milk in his fridge and thinks one of his students left it in there so he takes a sip followed by Jack. Karen shows up and asks about the divorce, learning Stan got their house in Vermont while she got Vermont.

Jack and Will keep drinking chocolate milk when Jack starts to feel weird and asks Will if he thinks the kids put something in the milk. He says they are law students; they would never break the law. Then, Jack notices a butterfly on Will’s shoulder and they are both tripping so badly. Karen is outside on her way to the laundromat when she picks up a hot dog and thinks it is a microphone. She knows it is time to perform and starts to do that on top of a washing machine but in her mind, she is on stage. Will and Jack are finishing each others sentences and think they are meant to be since it says “soulmates” on the inside of Estafan’s wedding ring. They realize they aren’t but they see a rabbit on a phone and it is straight up great comedy and teamwork for the two actors. Over at Grace’s office, her sister is now wifed up with Handler’s character.

Grace does not understand what Janet is doing but her sister says she was so excited when she got a little sister. Grace reminds her she put her in a basket in the water and Janet replies with that was what Moses did. They agree to look out for each other now that their mother is no longer with them. Karen is still singing her heart out in her mind which is her trip at the laundromat. Doing the laundry is never this fun at my house. Will is conflicted as to what he should do now: should he tell on his students or should he be the cool teacher? Then he and Jack wonder about their soulmate conversation. Will does not want to lose his best friend when he gets married. So, Will asks Jack formally to be in his life forever. Jack says “I do” and they make a pledge. As Karen walks away from the marquis where she has performed, it says “Mrs. Stanley Walker, Final Performance. ” Lights out. “Will and Grace” airs Thursday night at 930pm on NBC.

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