Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 14 Live Recap!

Previously On Mom, Adam’s best friend, Mitch returned to try to prove to Bonnie and Christy that he had changed. This did not go according to plan as you can see right here.

At her AA meeting, Tammy is recounting how she was at the store trying to buy tiny corn when she saw a cop behind her and it scared her. She wonders if she will be paranoid for the rest of her life now that she is out of prison. Christy says she did not even want to come and had planned to binge watch “Chopped” but decided to come anyways while Bonnie shares Adam’s bar is now making money so she can be selfish. Christy is upset because her sponsor, Nora won’t acknowledge her successes while Marjory falls asleep when Bonnie talks. Christy tries to talk to Nora but she is very quick with her so her friends joke with her about it.

Bonnie, Christy, and Tammy are watching television at Bonnie and Christy’s while she is still seeking Nora’s approval when Bonnie gets a call from Jill. Her house has been broken into and the robbers got all of her loose jewelry and loose cash. The police show up and Jill tells them to follow her voice to get to her kitchen and Tammy is still shaky around cops. The cop fangirls over Jill’s grill that she never uses and the girls are cleared to leave when Tammy scares Jill into thinking the robbers can come back. Fast forward to Tammy and Bonnie in bed with Jill and Christy on the edge of the bed. They think she should get security while Tammy says she should get a Hell’s Angel. Bonnie comments they will get Christy first so she climbs up into bed with the girls.

Bonnie walks into her kitchen and finds warm chili when Christy stops her and says it is for Nora. She followed her on Instagram and it’s her favorite meal. Over at Jill’s, she has hired the cop who loved her grill to be her security guard. He asks why she has such a big house and she is only one person. She says she is so used to living there; plus, her ex wanted the house so she cried until the judge gave her the house. Looks like they might make a good couple even though he isn’t the typical leading man. But, he is charming, Christy runs down the stairs so she can see Nora on television doing the weather when Nora passes gas on live tv. Bonnie jokes Christy and her chili got a shout out.

The ladies are laughing at the video of Nora farting on tv as Christy is sitting with her at the diner. she gives her back the tupperware the chili came in and said she will talk to her sponsor about it; she also lets Christy know she’s not friends with her sponsor, either. When Christy gets back to her friends, Jill is talking about her security guard, Andy and how much fun he is. She says he is not her type but I think he is. At her house, he turns over her new keys and when she asks if her can stay, she says he would just be taking her money. Bonnie and Tammy comment they have not seen her smile like that over any guy even though she refuses to believe he is her type.

Christy goes to apologize to her sponsor again and she tells her she needs to stop seeking other people’s approval. Christy says this was what got her through life and then Nora goes on to do the weather and give a motivational speech about having rainy days and sunny days. She then winks at Christy, which makes her fangirl, and pan out. In order to get Andy back, Jill breaks a window, calls him, then undoes her hair to wait for him. “Mom” airs Thursday nights at 9pm on CBS.

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