Previously On…Total Bellas Season 4 Episode 3 Recap!

Previously On Total Bellas, Nikki was set up on a blind date with a young model named Andre, much to her discomfort and dismay while Brie considered breast implants. You can read all about their NYC shenanigans right here.

Nikki meets Bryan and Brie for breakfast and Brie is finally accepting her sister is moving to Los Angeles. They even bring her a cactus for her new home but she makes an announcement she is not moving anymore; she was having nightmares the moment she closed on the home and just decided she was best off getting an Air BNB for a few month in San Diego until she decided what she wanted to do. Nikki goes to pick up Brie for their workout and she shows up in a pimp ride, saying she is just test driving the car. Brie feels she is more serious than she acts and points out how much money her sister has been dropping as of late. Hey, Brie chose to have a family and Nikki is choosing to have cars; to each their own. Nikki is having some trouble driving her Ferrari but she’s doing her best as Brie jokes she is like an older guy having a midlife crisis. To Nikki, this is her idea of therapy.

After three years, the twins are in New York for their first live event and it is kind of surreal to put on their old gear and be their characters. They have not practiced the routines they used to do, especially their ab moves, which are different since Brie had her C-section. The crowd is over the moon to have the Bella Twins back in action and in the ring and after the match, their adrenaline was so high. They have to call and FaceTime Birdie and Bryan to celebrate immediately after. Brie is on RAW and SmackDown so she has a lot to juggle plus a lot of mommy guilt being away from her daughter. Now that Nikki staying in San Diego, she decides to get a home on the beach and she is getting constantly noticed which mom, Kathy says will just become even more of a nuisance. Nikki wants to have a mass block party to let the neighbors know the Bellas are there. People are taking photos through the window and Kathy is worried about when Brie comes by and even more so when the girls are away. Is this safe enough for her?

Nikki is driving with Kathy and is talking about how weird it is being older and single. She shares how she contacted her “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Artem as they had such a great connection and a lot of chemistry. She also wants new panties because all of her lingerie is from her past relationship as are her boobs. Brie comes over that night for a tour of Nikki’s new home and she is blown away and is floored by the monthly price of 20K. Brie feels Nikki is screaming for help and no one else hears but her. The three are chatting and Brie notes she lost her virginity on that beach, something Kathy does not want to hear. Because Brie won’t be at home with Birdie as much, she decides to buy her a giant teddy bear. She thinks she will win mom of the year but instead it scares the crap out of the baby. Bryan throws the bear out of the door so they go play with her dolls. They decide they should talk to someone since they believe they are creating abandonment issues for their daughter.

Nikki invites Paul and Steve, two hair stylists, out with her and Brie to a cigar bar. This is not Brie’s style but she wants to support her sister during whatever she is going through. They are drinking rum and smoking cigars at noon and Nikki shares she is ready to get a tattoo. She feels like she has a limited time to have a good time and wants to do it while she is free and not locked down again. A child development specialist, Veronica, comes to Bryan and Brie’s to discuss Birdie and their work schedule. Veronica shares Birdie will be okay; it is more in the parent’s head than Birdie’s and she just has to see they will come back. Brie loves to wrestle and she deserves to be able to do what she loves and be a mom. Kathy comes by to see Nikki and there’s a letter at the door which scares Kathy until Nikki opens it and it is from her realtor. Apparently, there was always fan mail coming to the Tampa home so she is used to this. Kathy brought a bevvy of weapons to use and it is scaring Nikki since she is having a block party as she wants to know her neighbors. She feels knowing them will help give her extra security.

Brie is trying to give Birdie a kiss but she is trying to take out Brie’s wrestling socks and hide them. She must know her mommy is leaving. Brie wants to show other moms it’s okay to be the person you were before kids and to teach Birdie independence but she misses her daughter so much so it is a hard conflict. Time for SmackDown in Maryland where Bryan and Brie will start their first story line together and they have not been in the ring together since before they dated in 2010. Their story line is between Miz and Maryse so they will be taking on that couple in shows to come. Now it is time for Nikki’s beach party and she is so ready for anything and anyone having invited Brie and her whole neighborhood. Brie notes how private her sister always has been so this is pretty out of character for her. Kathy likes to see Nikki being free but just wants to ensure her safety. As more people show up, Nikki asks Brie to welcome them because she wants to play games but Brie thinks it is so rude she does not greet all the people she invited.

Brie poses a hypothetical of what Nikki is doing with all of sister’s friends, asking if it is a midlife crisis or just having fun. They all laugh, knowing she is talking about Nikki and do not really know what to say as Nikki tries to blame it on being in her mid-thirties. They believe she is blooming and wants to spread her wings. Brie ends up doing a keg stand as they cheer Brie Mode and Kathy follows suit so it becomes a family affair and they are all feeling young so this party turned out to be a great idea. A week after the party, Nikki goes to lunch with Artem and that is where it ends…

Next time, the timing is off and Brie shows ring rust while Nikki is testing things out with Artem. The show will not be on Sunday February 3 because of the Super Bowl but you can catch it every other Sunday at 9pm on E!

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