Previously On…RHONJ What to Expect Season 9 Episode 13!

Previously On RHONJ, everyone is amped for Teresa to compete in her first fitness competition. The ladies decide to go in on a piece of jewelry to honor her so Jackie, Melissa, and Margaret meet up to design a special silver piece with the word “STRONG” on it. They end up choosing a necklace with a bar going across and “STRONG” spelled out in diamonds. It costs a couple grand but along with the three girls, they also invite Jennifer and Dolores in on the gift as they will present it to Tre when they get to Cabo. My first  thought: why are they not going to Jennifer’s brother who is in the jewelry business? Oh well, moving on. Teresa is getting her final moments in pre-competition and it seems there is something in the air between her and current trainer, Frank Sr. Even Twitter was noticing the chemistry despite the fact Dolores is her long time best friend. Speaking of Dolores, she and Frank Sr. take Teresa and their son, Frankie to get matching spray tans as he is in the same competition. The darker you are, the more toned you look so spray me to the max.

It is competition time and Frankie comes in first while Teresa comes in third for her division. Not too bad for her first time, changing trainers midway. I was happy she placed because I did not want to hear it if she did not. Out of competition land, Jennifer and daughter, Olivia go visit husband, Bill at work to bring him a sushi lunch. In reality, it is just a way to ensure he is keeping his hands to himself. Apparently, she has caught patients being a tad bit too handsy with her husband and she does not like that. Olivia demands a new perfume when they leave and is just a bossy bee when Jennifer tells her to go visit the other workers in the office. Okay then. He must be over the moon to get on, hire a sitter, and not have to deal with her for a few days. Margaret is still working on her gala for “Hospital Heroes” while Melissa assembles her sisters and her mother to tell her mom about the third sister. Her mom gets buzzed from the jump and is so hilarious, you want to be at the dinner table. She reveals what the medium told her but mom claims she would have known. She gives Melissa her blessing to start her search but says she will beat up the baby mama. This is the best family! So real and honest! You can’t hate!

Time to head to Cabo and this is going to most definitely be a bumpy ride. The ladies arrive at the plush Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos where Tre had taken her girls for New Year 2018. There are three suites and they are divided up as such: Melissa, Jackie, and Margaret; Jennifer and Dolores; Teresa and Danielle. Okay, this is Teresa’s trip and she’s rooming with Danielle? She really does need a cocktail! At dinner that evening, the ladies decide to present Tre with her gift but keep in mind, Jennifer has had a few drinks and this never bodes well. Drunk Jen is even worse than sober Jen, if this is a possibility. The necklace is not my taste but it was a sweet gesture and Teresa loves it and is so touched by the saying. Jennifer immediately goes off on it, asking why they did not go to her brother, claiming he could have given them a better deal and done better work. The ladies remind her they were doing this for Teresa and Jen comes saying she thought they were getting some sort of costume jewelry. Would costume jewelry be this expensive?

Jennifer notes how ugly the necklace is so Margaret tells her to touch up her lip liner. Jennifer proceeds to blow her a kiss to which Margaret says Jen’s lips look like a “monkey’s a-hole.” This is a new low but with Jen’s behavior, it is somewhat deserved. Jennifer comes back by saying a monkey’s a-hole Margaret probably sucked. What? Danielle takes Jennifer for a cool-down walk but really, she is so mad at Margaret, she will literally befriend anyone who will help her cause. Teresa tells the table she has to go check on Jen, totally forgetting who started this bashing situation because the clean eating and endless workouts have given her amnesia, and goes to find bestie, Danielle and Jen. At this point, I think the three of them are just pathetic while Dolores has not liked Danielle from the start.

Since that episode aired, Jackie is now following Jennifer on Twitter soooo…

Tonight, the girls take on camel rides, Danielle calls Margaret names, and things do not bode well for Margaret and Jennifer. You can catch all of the drama on Bravo at 9pm.



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