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Previously On Sister Wives, Meri invited friend, Kristie to town who had also been catfished by the same person she had. Along with Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine, Kristie opened up about her experience leading some of the family to want to know more about Mer’s situation. Along with that, Meri is determined to open her bed and breakfast but it looks like she may have to do it on her own. And during the week, we learned Janelle’s daughter, Madison is expecting her second baby so congrats to them. You can keep up with the season premiere right here.

The family is going to have a picnic in the park and Mariah is in town with girlfriend, Audrey. Kody says he has friends in the Church with gay children so they showed him scriptures  and that has helped him; the family just says to love one another and this is what they live by. Kristie is coming with Meri to the picnic and prior to this, Kody says in his confessional that meeting her has helped him become more empathetic. Though Mariah is not too keen on talking about the catfishing situation, she made an agreement with her mom that if she went to the bar with her and Audrey, in turn, she would meet one of Meri’s friends. At the picnic, Kody is looking for a better spot with less duck poop even after all of the family is settled so Meri decides to jokingly go look elsewhere and Christine races her; they end up tackling each other. One of the nicest sister wife moments I have seen in a while. In the confessional, the women talk about how they all used to live in one house and Meri notes this is Robyn’s dream. Robyn believes when the kids grow up, it’ll be a girl party and apologizes to Kody so the cameraman suggests they get two homes. Back at the picnic, Gwendlyn is cuddling Meri even though she is Christine’s child and this is great for Meri. She has always gotten a lot of love from the kids and it helps her because Mariah is very anti-affection.

At Meri’s home, she is sitting with Kristie, Mariah, and Audrey and it is Audrey who is being the most open and asking questions, being hospitable. Kristie finally stops beating around the bush and asks Mariah how she feels about what happened with her mom. She says it was very hard at first and it took a while to process it through and eventually she realized it was not her thing and she moved on. As long as she does not talk about it, she is fine but the moment Mariah gets into it, she gets very emotional; she does not want to backslide with her relationship with Meri. Kristie admits she never wanted to talk about it either. Audrey shares she and Mariah talked prior to coming to town and they agreed Audrey would do most of the talking since Mariah still did not feel comfortable with it all. Mariah believes her mom wants her to talk to Kristie so she can be seen as the victim but Mariah won’t feel that way. She will always feel her mom played a part in the situation and was not completely innocent. There is a lot of talk and conversation but in the end, Mariah is just happy it is over whereas Audrey feels she understands Meri’s story much more. She, too, is happy it is over.

Kody comes over to Meri’s and says Ysabel is getting ready to go to homecoming so he wants to go check her out at Christine’s home. Kody is not too happy her dress is not modest enough and Kristie says she has seen worse. Christine thinks it is very modest and loves the fact she wants to show off her back since she has scoliosis while Meri thinks she is just beautiful and is happy she has such confidence. Maybe this isn’t appropriate for the church but they agree the kids get to an age where they cannot be controlled. The family says good-bye to Kristie and says it was great to meet her; Kody even gives her a huge hug and Kristie says she thought they were very welcoming. With Kristie gone, Meri calls a family meeting with her sister wives and Kody to discuss her bed and breakfast. The lender approved her for a smaller down payment so she does not need anything from the family. Christine’s first reaction is saying Meri does not need a business plan while Meri is so stoked she is doing it on her own which the wives cannot get off of. The family is just concerned she will get up and leave now that she has her own place but she assures them she is not going anywhere. Janelle seems genuinely proud of Meri and that I like. She gets so excited, she hugs her and questions if she is going through a midlife crisis.

Meri goes to Utah to sign the papers and now her mom will officially move in. She will take over so many responsibilities and though she is nervous, she is up for the challenge. Plus, Meri plans on hiring people to help. This is now a family business and a fresh start so they are on new journey together. Meri still cannot handle the fact this home is hers but it was super important for her to get it as it started in her family and then left it so she wanted to get it back. Meri meets with the current owner, Vickie who wouldn’t sell the home to anyone who did not love it as much as her and it is very emotional for her to turn over her keys. Meri’s brother is there to help and her mom tells Vickie she can live with her. Meri gets the keys but Vickie is still so sad but Meri has wanted this home for over 25 years. Meri’s mom says the home is so different this time than when she came two weeks prior and now, it just feels like home. Her whole family is very invested in the lineage of it but her Brown family does not have the same familial attachment.

Janelle comes over to Christine’s house to share that, while the family was on vacation in California, two ladies came up to Janelle and said they were so excited Meri closed on a place in Utah and they were going to have lunch with her and such. This is a shock to both women since Janelle was working on documents and they were going to help her decorate. Christine felt bad because she was not able to help her sister wife from the beginning and she went and did things on her own.They call Robyn, Meri, and Kody over and it turns out Kody already knew as did Robyn but Robyn learned after the fact. Robyn says she lost sleep because they couldn’t help her financially but Meri says she had 72 to get to Utah, sign the papers, move her mom out of her house then into the bed and breakfast and get back to Vegas for the family trip. She did ask Kody for help moving her mom but he had to work and he feels once he said no, she did not want to talk to anyone. She also feels no one wants to help unless she asks and she does not want to shove it down their throats. Meri tells Robyn she did not know it wrecked her emotionally and Janelle says she and Christine wanted to help with the business plan and help her out as much as they could and could not be there for the endgame.

It was a positive moment the wives had to turn into a negative moment so they say they want to still celebrate the closing. They keep going in circles and then Robyn tries to get into a pillow fight with Meri and they realize it is not about Kody and maybe he should not be there. Christine tells him not to talk so he says he is done and the ladies are dancing around the truth. Christine tells Meri she would love to decorate for the holidays and she will try to open up her schedule to help her move stuff there. Meri is moving her grandma’s stuff to the home in Utah and Kody is going as are the wives. They are taking Truely who is Christine’s youngest daughter and Solomon, Robyn’s first child with Kody since they have the day off from school. Kody says they are lucky they failed at having money for her because Meri was able to do this on her own but that’s just a cop out. The family toasts to her and her success and Robyn gives a tearful toast as she is so proud the home is back in Meri’s family. Now, she has a grand opening and much work to do as the home needs to pay for itself.

Next week, Ysabel has a doctor appointment to check on her scoliosis, Aspyn announces her engagement to Mitch, Meri has her grand opening, and Kody proposes moving. You can catch it all  Sunday nights at 8pm on TLC. *Note: the recaps for Sunday, February 3rd may not be live as it is Super Bowl Sunday.

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