Previously On…The Conners Season 1 Episode 11 Recap!

Previously On The Conners, it was time for Becky’s baby shower and she was not too happy with everyone butting in about including baby daddy, Emilio in all of the fun. Along with this, Ben got an offer to move the tabloid to Chicago and he asked Darlene, Mark, and Harris to come and move in with him. You can keep up with all of the Conner excitement right here.

Darlene starts to tell her family about Ben’s proposal and everyone is very excited for her and this opportunity. Dan knows Becky will probably be moving in with the baby, despite the fact he has given Emilio a job doing drywall. Becky is excited, as well but she says if she goes back to drinking, she is FedEx-ing the baby to Chicago. Harris and Mark are the most excited because they grew up there until Darlene lost her job and she and David separated and have been desperate to go back ever since, especially Harris. While Darlene is getting ready to commit to Ben, Jackie discovers Peter (Matthew Broderick) has been cheating on her after she finds another woman’s bra in his luggage and gets his phone bill which she has been paying for. She’s been paying for everything so she has a right to see said bill. When she confronts him about his infidelity, he makes up a lie but Jackie has already called the suspicious number and the woman confirmed Peter was her boyfriend.

Jackie, who is drunk by the time she confronts him, proceeds to beat him with a towel until he leaves her house. Unfortunately, Dan and Darlene must go rescue Jackie, who has taken over a Chinese restaurant which was once the Lunch Box, the diner she owned with Roseanne. The police called Dan first as they did not want to take her in and she waiting on customers as she is drinking. She shares what happened with Peter, how Dan was right about him, and it comes out how she misses her sister. She ends up crashing at the Conner home as she recovers. Becky is spending time with Emilio and sees he is actually and upstanding guy and will make a great father. The only problem is he is here illegally. The two share a kiss in the park but shortly after, Dan comes home to ask Becky if she has seen him. She says she got some weird numbers on her phone but did not answer to which Dan says there was a big ICE raid. Becky listens to her voicemail and learns Emilio has been taken back to his country but he will find a way back to her and their baby, leaving her in tears.

An unexpected knock on the door ends up being David who wants to tell Darlene he and Blue have broken up. She wants kids and to get married and he only wanted those things with Darlene. She reminds him she is with Ben and lets him know of her Chicago plans. He says she can go but she will regret it down the line because they are really meant to be. When Ben ends up coming over to get his answer, Darlene tells him she cannot leave her dad and she will commute to Chicago but she just needs a few months to make a final decision about what she is going to do. He asks if they are still on for dinner as he is clearly taken aback and she says of course. It is obvious David has put thoughts in her head she did not expect and even though she says she loves Ben, she still cannot get over her first love. At the end, Harris shares she has an editorial going into a major Lanford newspaper about how awful it is there and how she cannot wait to get back to Chicago. Time for Darlene to break the news to her they are staying. This was the season finale for the show and no word on whether or not it will be coming back for a season two. Let us know what you think should happen in the comments or on Twitter!

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