Previously On…RHONJ What to Expect Season 9 Episode 12!

Previously On RHONJ, it was time for wine tasting and liquor with these ladies never bodes well. Of course, Jennifer came into Jackie’s home to use the restroom and called the place a dump. She had to take a jab at her “friend” after Jackie wrote the article about spoiled but sweet kids that Jennifer will never let go despite her husband agreeing with all of Jackie’s points. While on the bus to wine tasting, Jennifer gives all the ladies gifts from her time in Turkey- the two days she spend engaging her brother, Michael to Melda. Everyone gets nice trinkets but Jackie gets a knife and Margaret gets nothing. Hers got lost in the mail and she makes another mail-order bride comment. When they get to the tasting, Margaret recounts how she used to go on dates with mom, Marge Sr. and one was with a married man. Knowing Margaret compared the arranged marriage to a mail-order bride, Jennifer comments on patterns seeing as Margaret left her last husband for Joe. Uh-oh, no good.

This leads to Margaret putting Jackie on blast about how her husband sometimes sleeps in the pool house. I think he more than sometimes sleeps in the pool house and it is probably by choice because Jennifer is obnoxious and the kids run him ragged. He’s a doctor; he needs peace. Wine trip over and Teresa is so ready to plan a girls trip to Cabo after her fitness competition is over; this trip will include Danielle who informs her Margaret, who is not speaking to her former friend anymore, that Marge told her she could not trust Melissa or Teresa. This does not bode well for Tre or Melissa who are helping Milania prep for her big showcase. They both admit to being stage moms but are having a great time and need to cheer on Milania as she is having a hard time with her dad being in prison during all of this big stuff. It is the day of her show and she gets a text from her dad which clearly makes her emotional but she knows the show must go on.

Everyone shows up for her performance including Fetty Wap. It is a big night and everyone has to put their bs behind them to support her. She performs, I will leave the comments to the trolls, and everyone is super proud of her for going for her dreams. After, Teresa talks about her Cabo trip, something Dolores needs as she is not getting what she needs from her boyfriend so she really should just be with her ex again! Anywho, it comes up what Danielle said about Teresa and Melissa and Margaret says she told Danielle she should not trust anyone. That is a fair assessment in housewives land. The women are going at it and so are the men. Marty, Danielle’s husband is talking about how great and wonderful his wife is and starts to put down Margaret and that leave Joe fuming. He starts to lunge and Joe Gorga has to stop him because this is his niece’s event. Will they all be able to get along for a Cabo trip? No!

Tonight, Melissa tells her mom about the possibility of another sister, Teresa begins her competition countdown, and Jennifer lashes out at Teresa. You can catch it all on Bravo at 9pm. For now, here is Milania’s music video! Enjoy.



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