Previously On…Total Bellas Season 4 Episode 2 Recap!

Previously On Total Bellas, the twins were given news they are wanted for a all-female WWE Pay-Per-View special, leading to a big comeback for Brie. At the same time, Nikki has decided she wants to move to Los Angeles after Brie has relocated her whole family to be by her sister’s side after the whole John Cena break-up. Catch up with it all right here.

The girls are in New York for SummerSlam week and Nikki is thrilled to be there to start the comeback story with Brie. She is talking about how she is fully single and how everyone keeps trying to set her up, especially since she is almost 35. They want her to be married and start popping out kids but she is not ready for that so she says the type of guy that she wants is not in the wrestling industry. She wants a businessman or an actor this time around. Nikki goes to see Brie at her hotel and she brings her sister a gift. Brie is bummed because her boobs ranged from a D-DD when she was pregnant and breastfeeding but now, they are a small B and she just feels like they are saggy. She is contemplating getting a boob job so Nikki brings her all these enhancements so she can see and feel what it’s like to be big busted. When her husband, Bryan sees her, he is shocked by what is going on in the chest area. He asks if she is seriously considering a boob job and she says she has to wear these false implants for a few days to decide if this is something she really wants to do. Bryan always loved her for who she was but he says she can do whatever she wants. He does remind her the thing that really attracted him to her was how natural they both were. They keep talking at lunch about it and Brie finally removes the fake implants and puts them on the table.

It is time for SummerSlam and the girls are ready for the comeback. Bryan is a part of it so that is equally exciting. He goes against The Miz as they have had a rivalry since 2010 when Bryan was a rookie and Miz was a pro. I still remember The Miz on “The Real World” back in the day talking about his pro-wrestling ambitions. The girls laugh because seeing Bryan in the ring resembles Birdie in so many ways. After his match, the girls are interviewed then get to watch Ronda Rousey wrestle and this is so epic and fun for them because they are seeing the impact women truly have on wrestling. When Ronda wins, the twins run into the ring to congratulate her and it is just a great vibe. Brie, JJ, and Kathy all goes out to dinner and Brie is still wearing her falsies but Kathy reminds her she never wears bras so she would have a problem with surgery after Brie mentions there is a doctor in NYC she would like to meet. Too bad Kathy is consumed with finding a man for Nikki and she finds a young model named Andre.

The family minus Nikki go for a walk and they are trying to find a way to bring up how they met Andre. It is now time for a family dinner and this includes Kathy’s husband, Johnny and his daughter, Maya who Nikki is so stoked to get to know. Maya is interested in following the Bella path and Nikki tells Johnny he cannot but in if they take her under their wing. In the car, Maya says she has had her whole family in the WWE but she really wants model more than anything and when she mentions it to her dad, he pushes NXT on her. This makes Nikki bring up the idea of having her model for Birdiebee because she is 16 and she should not be forced into a career she does not want. Nikki asks if they need to ask Johnny and then they realize it’s Birdiebee so no.

Brie and Kathy are on their way to the plastic surgeon consultation but she has not told Bryan yet. She just wants answers more than anything so she can understand her boobs and where they stand. The doctor says she has deflated and some flatness; this is her biggest pet peeve and what she hates the most so he starts talking about what the next option is. He would need to put a large implant in or he could do liposuction and use that natural fat to inject it into her boobs. The doctor hears she is thinking about having a second child, a point Bryan brought up, and he says she should wait until after baby number two so she won’t have gotten the procedure only for her to go back to where she was before. Nikki and Brie are taking Maya for her first shoot and they both agree she is a natural.

It is now time for the family to meet up so they can introduce Nikki to Andre. The plan is to pretend he is a friend of JJ’s but Nikki is onto the scheme and is super uncomfortable with the whole situation, feeling like everyone is watching the two of them and their interactions. Nikki learns he is from Brazil, has been here for three months, and is only 23. She gets up and goes with Brie to the bathroom and she is livid because Kathy ruined the night. Kathy says she had great intentions for her daughter and Nikki bluntly asks to get her laid. Silence. Then, Maya mentions how she modeled for Birdiebee and her dad is shocked no one told him. She explains she did not want to hurt his feelings so Bryan says to go for her dreams and she is young so she has time if she wants to get into wrestling. He supports what she does as long as he knows about it. At the end of the night, Nikki says she will have sex but she won’t be in a relationship so Bryan jokes Andre was perfect for that but there was no connection.

Brie lets Bryan know she got a call to do a story with Bryan so she is excited. This is her big comeback and it’s three months but after that, they will start making baby number two. Now, they have one problem: they will be working the same schedule for ten weeks. But, what about Birdie? Next week, Nikki may be having a midlife crisis while Bryan and Brie struggle to work and take care of Birdie. You can catch it Sunday nights on E! at 9pm!

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