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Previously On Sister Wives, season 12 was quite the doozy and the family continued to drift apart as much as they came together. You can keep up with all of it right here!

It is season 13 according to some but season eight according to others but either way, it is a brand new season and we are thrilled. Four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn) and one husband (Kody) all living in Las Vegas as their escape from polygamy laws in Utah. It all starts out rehashing Meri’s catfishing scandal. As you may recall, she met a man online who turned out to be a woman and it alienated her from her sister wives, her husband, and her kids. Through this process, she joined a group where a bunch of women whom had also been catfished by the same people. A friend, Cheryl was supposed to come with her daughter but now she cannot and this is sad because Meri hoped this would provide some closure for her daughter, Mariah, the other wives, and Meri was super excited to have a friend around. However, Meri did meet someone in Oklahoma who went through the same thing with this lady and Kody is excited so he can finally get some catfish questions answered. The wives ask where she will be staying because they do not want her in their surroundings but Meri says she trusts this woman and is fine with her staying at the house. They agree to do a family dinner minus the kids. The only ones invited would be Mariah and her girlfriend, Audrey.

Janelle’s daughter, Maddie and her husband, Caleb and their son, Axel have been living with her but now that the baby is five months old, they have gotten their own place around the corner. After they are done with school, the couple would like to move North and it is hard for Kody because he does not want to see his kids and grandchild leave. He, too, wants to leave Nevada but every time he brings up the idea, the wives shut him down. He does say if he ever moves, he will buy a fifth home for his kids to come back to. Though Kody and Meri are getting along better, they have agreed to stop fighting, he does not agree with her buying the home in Utah. She shares with the wives she did make an offer on the home and they are thrilled but she only has 10 percent of what she needs out of the 40. She may have to pull equity from her home or sell a lot of clothes from LuLaRoe (or whatever it is called) and she tells Kody she wants to talk to a business advisor about money. They ask if Meri is willing to risk the Vegas home and she asks if the family is willing to have a stranger live in this home if she loses it. She says if he can love all four wives equally, she can love both homes equally.

Meri calls the family over for news. She was approved for the home loan but she still needs a down payment and the wives call him a “poo-poo head” who has to play the bad guy. The wives want to be supportive for Meri and be excited for her, who has half of the down payment as she has been working her tail off so it is not like she is a lazy butt. She needs 40 grand as she has saved 40 grand; Kody and his friend, Brian borrowed money from the family for a business they funded and if it returns right, he will have the exact amount to give to Meri. It shocks Janelle and she wants to say something but she has to stay quiet for the relationship. Christine asks if she has a business plan, which she doesn’t and Robyn says they all had to present a plan when they borrowed money from the family. Kody asks if they could be on the board but this is Meri’s baby.

Meri’s friend, Kristie, is in town so the wives and Kody are meeting her and Meri for dinner. It is a great chance for everyone so they actually understand how someone gets catfished and what Meri really went through and how she was manipulated. Kristie recounts how she met “Sam” online. She had just split from her husband and this person had become her perfect man. He would always have a strong female person in their life and ask if the person being catfished would take care of this “female” post-surgery. Kristie had the female in her house for two weeks, around her kids; Kody says it makes him want to shower hearing this story. Hearing Kristie’s horror stories is finally making the family, especially Kody, understand what Meri went through. When Kody asks Meri what she went through, she shuts down.

Kristie shares her family hired private investigators and Sam did not exist nor did his female friend and the Brown family could relate because they had hire PI’s, as well. Christine apologizes to Meri for having to relive all of it again. Kristie says it took meeting Meri via video chat to start feeling better because they did not trust anyone; Meri would have panic attacks and such. Kristie said her dad was consoling as opposed to Meri’s family who was just cruel. Ysabel, Kody and Christine’s daughter, has scoliosis and they believed she would need surgery so, to avoid this, they opted to take her to a boot camp in Michigan for intensive rehabilitation. At times, she would like to get surgery because of the pain that accompanies her brace. She has a super aggressive form of scoliosis so she is going with her family to the doctor to see what her next options are as she really has no after school life. She has so many exercises for her back, she cannot play sports or go out with friends. Her goal for her back is a 35 degrees and if it is back at 50 degrees, they will start talking surgery. She’s back at 42 so now Ysabel is hard on herself wishing she had worked harder with her exercises. She has only gone up two degrees and slowing her curvature with the exercises and the doctor does not think they are hurting.

Kody finds out he does not have the money to give Meri so now he has to get the family together and let them know this is not going to happen as fast as everyone has hoped. He needs the money he and his friend borrowed back in the family budget and believes Meri’s business will do really well. However, Meri is very black and white, believes this will happen so they need six more months not two weeks. The wives also want to be profit partners with Meri on this business and if they give Meri money, they won’t be able to pay their mortgages because they needed four lavish homes! Not really. This whole meeting happened sans Meri and when she arrives, she knows something has been going on. She is told she cannot have the money but she says it won’t be a long-term loan; Kody tells her they would have to be equity profit partners and would need a business plan. Meri says she will leave and go start working harder to make the money so she can make it happen and they still want to be a part of it. Janelle accuses Meri of having a temper tantrum then says they are friends. Great friend.

Meri is ready to get going and do what she needs to do to get this home. The wives feel like she is pulling away but she is trying not to react and Kody says there is more than one way to the house. Bottom line: the family wants the money and have Meri do all the work like Robyn is doing with the jewelry business. Kody is asking about Meri’s mom as she will be living in the caretaker’s quarters and he wants a business plan. He reminds her he has a twenty-month-old son he needs to take care of; that is his problem. Meri shares there are five rooms and she can legally only rent out four of them so it does not matter which one her mom takes. Kody says it is stupid and walks out after he kept attacking Meri and she held her hand up to silence him, make him stop and listen to her.

Robyn says she can sympathize as he was super aggressive when it came to her jewelry line. He always chooses college for the kids over their businesses and that does not always bode well for the wives. That sounds kind of practical to me yet Meri only was able to have one child and divorced Kody so he could adopt Robyn’s kids so this is the one thing that could fulfill her and she is being called selfish. Meri says she puts up a wall when she cannot do things her way and she really deserved this but this season: Aspyn gets married; Kristie spends time with Mariah; the wives have to try to learn to reconnect; Kody talks about moving back to Utah; and the Brown family moves but only Kody is happy. Watch it every Sunday night on TLC at 8pm.

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