Previously On…Sister Wives Season 12 and What to Expect Season 13!

Previously On Sister Wives, season 12 was chock-full of so many emotions and life-altering decisions, it was hard to keep up with everything. There was also a rumor that season 12 would be the last but this has proven to be untrue. As you may remember, Kody divorced first wife, Meri in order to marry fourth wife, Robyn so he could legally adopt her three children. This has caused a mass domino effect throughout the family. Meri started talking to someone online who ultimately catfished her; he was actually a she and it nearly destroyed her relationship with her sister wives, Kody, and her only child, Mariah. Along with this, Mariah dropped her own bomb on her family when she revealed she was gay. In a way, being gay helped unite Meri and her sister wives because it forced them to attend unity events on Mariah’s behalf and really find a supportive unit.

Season 12 was really about watching Mykelti, the daughter of Christine and Kody, plan her wedding to Tony despite frigid temperatures outside. Along with the chilly temps, Christine is attempting to sing as a gift for her daughter and new son as a wedding gift for them on their big day. She should just stick to being a doting wife but at least she tried. Meri and Janelle attending the March for Women in Washington per Mariah’s request and it gave the women a chance to really bond and meet Mariah’s girlfriend. This did not sit well with Kody simply because there was another event for polygamists he wanted his family to be at but this was for his daughter. He forgets polygamy is a choice but being gay is not (in my opinion) so their battles are a little different. He has these four wives who must do everything for him and then he suddenly jumps on his high horse when it is convenient for him.

In the midst of all of this, Maddie and Caleb are expecting their first baby, a boy so they move in with Janelle until he is born. When Maddie does go into labor, and it is a long one, Meri is not alerted and she feels so excluded over the fact that she helped raise Maddie and this is her first grandchild but she was not there for the joyous event. By the same token, she has just taken Kody to see the new bed and breakfast she wants to buy so she is already distancing herself. And now, we have season 13. Aspyn is engaged to Mitch, Meri has gotten a loan for the bed and breakfast, and the family is moving again. But, what else is in store? Take a look and do not miss the season premiere Sunday night at 8pm on TLC.



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