Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 13 Live Recap!

Previously On Mom, the ladies are all growing tired of having to repeat everything to Christy because of her smoking habit as well as always having to wait for her. They head to San Francisco to get the best hug from a guru but it doesn’t go as planned while Adam’s bar is not the success he had hoped. You can stay updated right here.

Remember Mitch (Bradley Whitford), Adam’s best friend? He came with his wife LeAnne (Nicole Sullivan) a few seasons ago, he was a drunk as was his wife and he hit on Bonnie and was insane? He’s back because he wants to apologize to Christy and Bonnie but Bonnie is not too thrilled with this news when Adam tells her. The following day, Mitch shows up and the women are very reluctant. He offers them an amends which is what they do in AA. He starts to cry but Christy wants more than what he is giving. He delivers a great speech with real tears and Bonnie and Christy forgive him so he asks if he can go to a meeting with them instead of going to see Adam’s bar. Next up is diner time with Christy, Bonnie, Marjory, Wendy, and Jill. He talking about directing and reciting the serenity prayer and he is really convincing but if you’ve seen Mitch’s first episode, you know he’s full of crap. He suggests Christy try meditating and talks about his split from LeAnne because she couldn’t get sober, while Jill hits on him. She likes him even more when he pays for lunch with a black AmEx.

Mitch and Bonnie go to Adam’s bar and he loves it and cannot understand why it is not packed already. When he heads to the bathroom, Bonnie suggests they gets Mitch in as an investor since he lives in LA. They start chatting and the next minute, Mitch says he wants to invest and Bonnie says she will let them have bro time. When Bonnie leaves, he lights up a joint and claims he is “California sober” and as Adam is questioning that, Mitch asks if 20 grand is enough; Adam offers him an ashtray. Christy tries to meditate but she fails and Adam runs some ideas for the bar by Bonnie who is shocked at how well Mitch is handling sobriety. When Adam and Bonnie head down to the bar after everything is new and improved, it is packed and Mitch is drunk. Bonnie learns he was “California sober” and she says that is not a thing and Adam realizes he was lied to but Mitch says he knew it was a lie.

Christy is finally meditating properly when there is a loud knock on the door. It is LeAnne looking for Mitch and she is drunk but still hilarious. She claims Mitch owes her money and wants to know why Christy is sleeping with him. Ummmm…okay. At the bar, we learn Mitch was never sober and he just wanted Bonnie to like him. Plus, all of the people he brought to the bar were not going to pay for their drinks so another problem. They hear a brawl from the back and it is LeAnne in the bar beating up some guy she thinks is Mitch. Bonnie tells Mitch that, as long as he is drinking, he cannot be in their lives. He proceeds to hit on her again while LeAnne hits on Adam (remember they slept together back in the day?) and Mitch comes back out after Bonnie slaps him. They confess how much they love each other, say they should make a baby, and get it on in the bar while the guy LeAnne mistook for Mitch is jealous…as is Christy. And to end it all, Mitch’s check bounced. You can catch “Mom” every Thursday at 9pm on CBS!

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