Previously On…Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9 Live Recap!

Previously On Grey’s Anatomy, we were left at a mid-season finale in an elevator with a pregnant Teddy, Owen, and Amelia sharing she wants to adopt Betty. Oh nos. And Phoebe’s organs need to be harvested for CeCe since she’s a donor and no one can come get them so it’s a life-saving moment but everything is seemingly going wrong. Furthermore, the sexual tension between DeLuca and Grey is annoying, Jackson and Maggie are dealing with his mother’s tumor, and now we are back for more drama which is all supposed to be about Amelia. Really? The return episode will be centered around Amelia? I hope that is not the case. Come back at 8pm on ABC when “Grey’s Anatomy” returns!

Circuit breakers down but generators come back up when Teddy, Owen, and Amelia are still stuck in the elevator and it is finally revealed to Amelia that Teddy is preggers. The elevators are not moving so everyone is stuck in the most undesirable spots. This includes Meredith and DeLuca. He attempts to find a trap door but she just yells at him for playing superhero while Maggie is talking to Jackson about his mother. He is in such shock, feeling so helpless but Maggie is so worried about CeCe in the OR, with her BP dropping and Meredith trapped in an elevator. Bailey is in an elevator trying to keep Phoebe’s organs viable so Bailey has to keep the nurse with her calm. In the Owen/Amelia/Teddy elevator, they are bickering over the baby until the patient they have starts bottoming out and they have to stop thinking about themselves for like a second.

At Jo and Alex’s, he gets an alert about the hospital and they realize they have to get to the hospital but she cannot go because she is drunk. He will go. DeLuca is being all cute, trying to reassure Meredith is okay with her patient and he references Dr. Who and a Tardis so she laughs. Webber is angry because he cannot get in touch with Katherine and no one can open the elevators so he and an ER patient try to make some use of themselves. One of the interns is looking for Meredith when she finds Jackson who is trying to contact his mom when he learns about CeCe and Phoebe. He learns the elevators run on computers and they need to reset and that will take awhile. In the elevator, Bailey is trying to calm her nurse down from overpumping Phoebe when she starts to panic. They all work to calm each other down. DeLuca is finally opening up to Meredith about his famous surgeon father; four people died because of him but he got off because of money and friends. He tells her what happened but all in Italian but did she really understand? She goes to kiss him then jumps up and asks about a trap door.

Alex catches Nico and Schmitt in the ambulance getting it on or post-on and tells them they need to get back inside. Amelia, Teddy, and Owen have performed surgery on a patient and it makes her appreciate brain surgery as Teddy says she wants Owen and Amelia to be together. She does say she will stay in town so the baby can have two parents and she is 16 weeks along. Downstairs, Jackson is listening to the elevator to see is he can hear anyone and he does hear Bailey. He starts banging against the door when the elevator man tells him to stop and the he learns the organs are for CeCe and he has had experience with her as a matchmaker and she found him the perfect match. So, he bangs down the elevator door for CeCe. DeLuca is trying to figure out why being with him is so bad and Meredith has nothing so she tells him to speak Italian and as they are about to kiss, the elevators work. Everyone is able to get out and the elevator man is able to help get Bailey and her people out but as he tells everyone to leave, his legs get crushed in the elevator.

They are able to get him out but we do not know how bad the damage is. CeCe is waiting in the OR and she has gotten organs before but has never had to wait this long and now she knows something is wrong. So, she asks Maggie to talk to her about the relationship with Jackson. She confesses they had a fight and feels like they could fall apart at any moment. CeCe says they are either perfect for each other or he is terrible for her; she asks is he ever made her feel safe and she says yes then she starts to code. Alex comes to see Bailey and tell her he needs and OR for the elevator man and she tells him to scrub in for the organ recovery. Schmitt and Nico arrive to help elevator man and they make up an excuse for where they were. There is talk of amputation but Jackson says no, it can be rebuilt with rods as he was trying to help save a patient. He comments about the guys being together real quickly and that shocks them into realizing they should listen to Jackson. Owen and Teddy agree they will have this baby and are very happy with this decision.

Meredith and Maggie are able to do CeCe’s transplant and we can only hope it works. Her heart is beating on its own so yay for that! Now, it is kidney time. Sadly, Betty, the patient Webber was with earlier was found by him looking for drugs. This is the girl Amelia was going to adopt and now she may have compromised everything. CeCe’s organs are having a problem as Alex goes to see Bailey and he tells her he did not like how she talked to him when he arrived but she confessed she needed to leave that OR. She’s got some things she needs to deal with and she needs his help; he will do whatever for her. Unfortunately, CeCe did not make it so this is going to be a big blow to Twitter. Amelia comes face to face with Amelia and she says she told him to go to Germany but she should have told him to bring protection and she will give him to think about what he wants to do. Elevator man has legs and good nerve response so this is all positive for him and his nurse is by his side. Schmitt and Nico are confronted by Alex and he tells them all of the good places to get it on because it cannot happen in an ambulance ever again. Amelia tells Betty she will take her rehab while Jackson finds Richard and asks about his mom and says they need to talk. Once again, Meredith and DeLuca are together again. But, she is faced with him and Link who both want to take her out but she opts to go be with her kids.

Next week, Katherine gets a brain scan and Owen passes out. Oh Shonda!

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