Previously On…The Conners Season 1 Episode 10 Recap!

Previously On The Conners, the family was given false hope about their monetary future after Dan was hurt doing DJ’s vending machine job. A lawyer, played by Peter Gallagher, swore they’d get a six-figure settlement but that did not prove to be true. You can get the complete recap right here.

It was finally time for Darlene’s new beau and boss, Ben to meet her family. He came over for dinner where he got experience everyone from Aunt Jackie to her children. Mark casually mentions how he has a chance at the orchestra next year if he improves on piano and asks for lessons. They do not have the money so it is suggested maybe Ben help him. He agrees to come by and it turns out it is a test on Darlene’s behalf to see what kind of father figure he would be. At the same time, Jackie is planning Becky’s baby shower, even though it is very early in her pregnancy. Though Becky wants nothing to do with the baby daddy, Emilio, Jackie has been working with him on his English and invites him anyways. Along with this, David’s girlfriend, Blue is part of a women’s spirit group who does some sort of ritual for pregnant women. When Becky learns her group brings store bought gifts (with gift receipts), she immediately disregards Darlene’s hatred for the idea and invites them.

At the shower, it is learned David does not want to have any more children and this is hard for Blue. She really wants a family and asks Darlene to talk to him, something she will not do. Emilio shows up with a handmade gift but Becky is mad at Jackie for inviting him behind her back. A lot like when Roseanne was pushing for Fred to be around when Jackie was pregnant. Jackie just knows Becky could use all of the financial support she could get at this moment and when Dan arrives at the shower and sees Emilio leaving, he learns of what he has been trying to do and the effort he’s been putting in. Though Emilio is illegal, Dan offers him a drywall position which infuriates Becky. He lets her know this guy is the real deal and this is what needs to be done for the baby and if he is willing to step up, she needs to let him.

Ben is giving Mark lessons but he is not taking it seriously which leads Ben to give Mark a lecture about actually caring and not wasting their time. As Darlene comes home and Mark is leaving for soccer, she sees him crying and fires Ben. When she later talks to Mark, he gets mad she fired Ben; he was crying because he was mad at himself. He knows he let everyone down by not practicing so he wants Ben back. She reluctantly asks him to come back the next day where he shares someone in Chicago wants to buy the magazine and asks her if she and the kids would like to move in with him. It looks like their relationship is progressing.

Next week, Darlene struggles with the idea of living with Ben as a conversation with David makes her choice even harder. Jackie, too, is struggling and Dan shares shocking news with the family. You can catch it all Tuesday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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