Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Episode 11 What to Expect!

Previously On RHONJ, Jennifer was headed back to Turkey for a whirlwind two-day trip to celebrate the engagement of her brother, Michael to Melda. In her culture, things move very fast and there is no formal proposal; it is more of the families uniting at a big party and they were thrilled Michael finally was ready to settle down at 45. Melda could not wait for her fiance to arrive as she had not seen him in a month and half. She and Jennifer went to pick him up at the airport and he seemed less than thrilled to be marrying her but she’s this tall, thin lady and he just looks lazy. He lucked out in so many ways. The party for the engagement is very fun and exciting but back home in Jersey, Dolores has planned an event for all of the women at the shelter she volunteers at. These women have experienced all types of abuse  and such but it does kill me when she shows up in her Chanel earrings.

The women are all in attendance for this brunch which includes pampering, gift bags from Melissa’s store as well as some goodies from Margaret. They are all having a great time chatting when Margaret explains she does not understand the traditions from Turkey and compares Melda to a mail-order bride. Eeek. Prior to all of this, Melissa and Joe took Joey and their kids to the Sugar Factory for his birthday where their daughter, Antonia said she wanted to run a boutique like her mom. That sent Joe back into his old school ways but Melissa held her ground because she is a strong woman. Teresa and Jackie finally meet for coffee and say they were both disrespectful, Frank starts training Teresa, and Margaret hosts some of the ladies where she tells them she is done with Danielle.

When Jennifer comes home, Teresa has her and Dolores over for lunch and just has to bring up Margaret’s mail-order bride comment. This is so offensive to Jennifer and now these three say they are traditional and are the ones who truly understand it. Yes; Teresa was in jail and now her husband is there and facing deportation; Jennifer’s hubby sided with Jackie when it came to the column she wrote about Jen’s kids saying they are spoiled; and Dolores lives with her ex-husband. So, there you have it.

Tonight, time for wine tasting and this will not bode well because alcohol and these ladies…eek. You can catch it at 9pm on Bravo!

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