Previously On…Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Premiere Recap!

Previously On Teen Mom 2, season eight was a hard one to watch as there was a lot going on all around. Adam was not there for Aubree at all but fortunately her stepfather, Cole was a gem. She even got to take his last name and we learned mom, Chelsea was expecting baby number three, a girl. But nothing could truly replace her biological dad. Leah hooked up with husband number two, Jeremy but revealed she had no plans on getting back together with him while she dealt with Ali’s continuing health struggles, now affecting her lungs. Briana and Javi were on then he wanted her to marry him and speed things up super fast so they broke up, he hooked up with Kailyn who was now a mom of three then went back to Briana who rejected him. She ended the season by letting baby daddy number one, Devon come live with her so he could get back on his feet and spend more time with daughter, Nova. Finally, Jenelle’s husband, David is no longer allowed to be filmed after an anti-LGBTQ rage, she had road rage, David was accused of hitting her son, Kaiser with ex, Nathan, and she was fighting constantly with mom, Barb. So, what would happen season nine. Let’s see.

Kailyn and baby daddy number three, Chris are getting along so well, they are working on trying to be together now. She has said he was her true love so for Lux, hopefully something good can happen. He is paying his support and stepping up which is all she ever really wanted. As for her ex, Javi (who is also Briana’s ex), while he was hooking up with her and Bri, he was talking to a girl named Lauren. Right after things ended with Bri, it seemed like Lauren was eager to jump on the train and they got together and now she is six months pregnant, living with him. Unfortunately, Kailyn does not care for Lauren after reading a few texts where Lauren called Kail some unfortunate names. They all met up at Lincoln’s soccer game and Lauren tried to be nice but the damage is done.

Leah is dating a new guy, Jason. He is 39, in sales, has a few marriages under his belt, and a son. He seems to really enjoy her and the girls but in the after show, we learned they are on a break. Ali is getting assistance at school while doing breathing treatments at home because her lungs are becoming weaker. It looks like the family is finally becoming a lot stronger and it is nice to see Leah a lot more stable than ever before. Meanwhile, Briana has to kick Devon out because he is never around and never sees his daughter. She works 40 plus hours but is still there for the good and bad. She has not spoken to Javi and her biggest issue is Devon being a mooch. By the end, he moves out.

Chelsea and Cole have bought a new house and just seem really happy. Unfortunately, she has to take Aubree to a visitation center to see Adam. As they are almost there, they get a call that he is not there and is late. Because of this, the date has been cancelled and he has to pay a fee before they can set up another one. Aubree is more disappointed than sad so Chelsea takes her and baby Cole for ice cream. Aubree shares she knows Cole would never do something like that and would always be there for her. At least she has the reassurance of him in her life.

Finally, Jenelle and Nathan have to go to mediation and it ends up going to trial. He does not want her husband around Kaiser anymore but that won’t happen. Now, Jenelle and Barbara are closer again and this makes Barb over the moon because she aligned with Nathan for awhile. It is hard to film at times because David cannot be on camera, per MTV. She maintains he is a good guy but no one really believes this in any capacity. And this pretty much sums up the season nine premiere.

Still to come: Chelsea welcomes baby number three; Jo wants more child support from Kailyn; Jace’s father, Andrew wants to be a part of his life while Jenelle calls 911 on David; Briana falls in love; and so much more. Catch it Monday nights at 9pm on MTV!

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